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TOP 10 POP - 13/05/2022



Natalie Rogers

Full Body

Pittsburgh, United States

Credit - Gary Dotterweich

Natalie Rogers is a singer, entertainer, and musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He latest track entitled 'Full Body' is her first release since 2015! Over the past few years, she has worked at a piano bar in Pittsburgh and garnered skills to create her own music. 'Full Body' is Natalie Roger's first attempt at writing, recording, producing, and editing a song completely on her own. This track is an absolute vibe from start to finish! Full of funky bass and lead guitar riffs with an infectious vocal performance. I'm so glad that this track was brought to my attention! Pop meets funk and RnB in a way that would get anyone into the groove. I'm really looking forward to watching this artist grow and hearing what she has coming next. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE IT ANOTHER 7 YEARS! This artist is an absolute star! Definitely one to watch! Don't miss out.





London, United States

Credit - SADSKELLYS, Tanya Hong

Following the success of her debut electro-pop single ‘Aftershock’, PLANT returns with her second single ‘Headspace’. This track was co-written with Grammy nominated Taneisha Jackson (Doja Cat / John Legend / Eve). Packed with futuristic synths we can hear the Doja Cat influence in the songwriting of this track. Well done to PLANT and Taneisha Jackson for this production! Speaking on the inspiration of ‘Headspace’, PLANT explains “Headspace is about a violent inner dialogue and the duality found in pressurising yourself so much that you’re already set up for failure. I wrote Headspace in a zoom session in the middle of the first lockdown. This is one of our favorite pop track this week!



Eva Westphal

Beautiful Little Life

New York, United States

Credit - Caity Krone

Eva Westphal is a singer-songwriter based in New York City. At 13, Eva began writing her own songs, combining her love for writing with her love for music. Eva's musical inspirations span from Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks to Brandi Carlile and "Folklore"-era Taylor Swift. Distinguished musicians have commented on her unique voice, with Alicia Keys pointing out Eva's "pure tone" and Top 40 Radio (Mix 104.1) calling her "one to watch." We had a listen to the first track off her EP titled 'Beautiful Little Life' (of the same title). This track has a lovely tone to it. Opening with a classic string arrangement that is supported by a soft piano melody we hear the track slowly progress into something sonically pleasing. Eva's vocals are gorgeous. Definitely check out her EP by clicking on the link below!




Girl With a Gun

London, United Kingdom

SHNO , an artist from London wrote Girl With a Gun with music maker Jerome Gromes in New York City. The song contains bad bitch energy through it's pop structured that appeals to mainstream listeners. Heavy bass, classic pop synths and catchy lyrics, this track is guaranteed to hit a nerve. We loved this over at TJPL NEWS and so we ranked SHNO at Number 2 in this week's Top 10 Pop. We love the gun sound effect, it really highlights the energy of the words. The harmonies in the breakdown work really well before bringing the hook back in. Definitely one for mainstream radio. That's not all though, the official music video has just been released on YouTube! Click the link below to stream 'Girl With a Gun' now!




The Chemist

Phoenix, United States

Coming in at Number 4 this week is Forts with their new release entitled ‘The Chemist’. This is a track about personifying disorders as a monster, to remind anyone dealing with mental health issues that they are not their illness. The song paints Mars, Forts’ singer, as the chemist, struggling to tame her chemical monster that she hides from the world. Forts uses crunchy, distorted, and reversed vocals, swirling carnival-like synths, and a gritty beat to create an eerie experience like no other. Almost a song that brings Jekyll and Hyde to the party. If you like music that captures darkness this is your track! It reminds me of the work of Halsey both in production and vocal style. Great work! Get it on your playlists!



Jacqueline Loor


Miami, Florida, United States

Credit - Hector Socorro

At Number 5 this week we've chosen with her latest release 'Malos'. The track was created by Jacqueline Loor and Alex Melendez who met at The Songwriting Academy, an online songwriting mentorship program. The philosophy behind this track is that they "wanted to write something fun, something people can dance too and feel empowered. We got some inspiration from Becky G and Karol G". This song is a chill mid-tempo empowering Latin pop track about why women should stop wasting time on the wrong guys. This track is a vibe - Definitely one for your summer playlist! We love it. Click the link below to hear it and get it added to your playlists!



Earth to Eve

Everyone Says

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - @cerenoir

Earth to Eve wrote this song on her bedroom floor after moving to Los Angeles 3 years ago. 'Everyone Says' is about all the ridiculous pieces of advice people have given her surrounding depression. It's a lighthearted and chill song about self-reliance and self-love; quoting the artist she says "I don’t need anyone to tell me how to live my life, I’m fine just doing me." This track really tickled up something within me. From the choppy strings to the elongated strings to the lyrics and the bass this track hit differently. The lyrics address many of the battles women have within themselves and their place in society. A great songwriter. Click the link below to have a word with your demons.



Jon Sandman

Maybe (Cassette Mix)

Oxford, United Kingdom

Jon Sandman has made our Top 10 Pop this week with the Cassette Mix of 'Maybe'. A dreamy synth production and smooth harmonies whisk us into a world of magic. This one is for fans of eclectic indie from the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Daughter, but features musical cues from the likes of The Go! Team and Sleigh Bells. It also has similarities to Coldplay in their more stripped down works. This track would fit well into indie electro playlists and offers something incredibly chilled out to pop music. Great work! Get it added to your playlists, show some love.



My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House

Wasting Away

Philadelphia, United States

Credit - Rebellious Photo

My Cousin's Girlfriend's House are a Philly-based alternative-indie rock trio who have released their latest single 'Wasting Away' today. This release follows the band's previous single, Therapeutic Hypocrite, and is the second track to highlight the sound that the band had worked on throughout the lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Packed with high energy, melodic guitars, precise and vocal drums accompany the vocals delivery of this band. The lyrics touch on the monotony of a desk job and the roadblocks of taking a non-traditional path in a corporation-dominated America. A great track with high energy and skilful use of instruments. Click the link below to hear it.



Stellan Perrick

Golden baby

Ostfildern, Germany

Stellan Perrick presents his latest release titled 'Golden baby'. This production highlights a dark and personal story of the artist. The idea behind the production was to take that darkness and make it enjoyable through it's EDM influence. The lyrics address themes of injustice from poverty vs rich to the concept of attractiveness vs not so attractive whilst questioning why there is a difference to how those people are treated based on those qualities. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves.



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