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Tophouse's 'Number One' from Latest EP 'Campfire Stories': A Masterful Blend of Folk and Rock

Tophouse performing live on stage with acoustic guitars, banjo, violin, and piano, creating an organic and soulful sound.
Credit - Rachele Barker

Tophouse’s blend of folk and rock is a wonderfully smooth creation. Their song, ‘Number One,’ from their latest EP, Campfire Stories, is a moving and heartfelt track that bleeds emotion. The guitars open it up, acoustic, warm, full. They strum with gusto, a pattern that outlines the rhythm, one that will stay with us for the long haul. Then things start to fall into place: a banjo, plucking softly to add some texture; a violin that sits high on the soundstage, reaffirming the melody; piano adds depth, body, soul, it calls in the vocals. They dance about the firelight, honest, passionate and human. The lyrics are strong and the sound is simple, profound and masterful.

Tophouse know what they are doing and they do it right. Better than anyone I would wager.

‘Number One’ pushes for the dream. And it gets there. With a sound this organic, this wonderful — there’s no telling how far Tophouse can go. They are already making waves, so grab a board and jump on. Let's see where this thing goes.



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