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Brighton, United Kingdom

The latest release from one of Brighton's most intriguing artists 'ToyQueens' entitled 'Moments' is a song that transpires as an indie pop feel-good listen that takes you through a journey of what the artist describes as a "night drive through an American desert with the girl of everyone's dream coming to save the day from yourself, never quite hitting rock bottom and always finding a reason."

Taking influence from the likes of the 1975 through to Bryan Adams, the indie rock pop swirl of curiosity lays in the foundation of Toyqueen's artistic expression. Combining elements of emo-pop, pop rock and alt-rock merges the world of darkness and high energy for all to enjoy whilst telling a story that dreams are made of. This may sound confusing so, let's go through the song in more depth.

A cinematic opening grows in velocity to make way for the pulsating drumming and pop-infused guitar strums. As the vocals come into the mix, it becomes clear where the influence from the 1975 comes from. This is a song that shines as one for alt-pop emo rockers (myself included). The vocals have a subtle reverb that uses its space to perfection. The guitar riffs vary from strumming patterns to solos, pop-based to heavier rock.

I could listen to this song all day and night, it's a whole vibe. Although this is an alt-rock/pop track, there are elements within the piece that stand out as fitting the genre of emo rap. ToyQueens is an artist to look out for! - TAMARA JENNA

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