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Next Last Drink

Los Angeles, United States

TruckerBomb mixes grunge with the up-tempo swing of honky-tonk in their single release entitled ‘Next Last Drink ‘.

The sound of TruckerBomb is one that comes out of Lost Angeles but isn’t necessarily a sound that is known to come from its geographics. So where did this inspiration come from? The answer to that is the upbringing of singer-songwriter-bassist Troy Richardson who spent many Summers in South Dakota. Loving the feel of the Wild West, the sound of TruckerBomb began its birth as an alt-country and Americana meets alternative, hard rock revolution.

‘Next Last Drink’ is one of those songs that immediately stands out as one for the movies – dive bars, toothpicks and snooker tables, whisky and fights – all the stereotypes of an Americana themed action movie. The guitar riffs combine blues with heavy rock to give guitar lovers everywhere a new wave of artistic experimentation.

Simply amazing. Get on those riffs and rock out.


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