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Vienna Releases Emotive Debut Single 'I Hate Falling, But I'd Fall Anywhere With You',

Introducing Vienna's debut single, "I hate falling, but I'd fall anywhere with you". Drawing inspiration from American Midwest Emo and Indie Rock bands, this track features Vienna's distinctive sound built on upbeat instrumentals, particularly in the bass and drums. This narrative song explores the emotional journey involved in a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable, portraying the unfulfillment that can result from such a dynamic.

Vienna is a four-piece band comprising Ben Jones on vocals and rhythm guitar, Will Collins on lead guitar, Max O'Connor Stewart on drums, and Joe Griffiths on bass. Meeting in their first year of university in 2022, the band was later joined by Joe Griffiths on bass in early 2023.

Vienna's influences are deeply rooted in American Midwest Emo bands such as Mom Jeans, Modern Baseball, Hot Mulligan, and Origami Angel. Simultaneously, they draw inspiration from indie bands like the backseat lovers, creating a compelling mix of sounds that resonate with a broad audience.

Vienna has already made waves on the live music scene, gracing the main stage of Coventry's Godiva festival in the summer of 2023. Prior to this, they were well-known in their local city, Birmingham, supporting other bands and becoming a fixture in the local music scene.

The band has recorded and produced "I hate falling, but I'd fall anywhere with you" all by themselves, in line with their DIY ethos. This self-produced track encapsulates the raw emotion and authenticity that is integral to the band's identity.

Drawing from the genres of Alternative Rock, Emo Pop Rock, and Indie Rock, Vienna's debut single is a heartfelt, relatable tune for anyone who's experienced the complexities of love. This UK-based band's emotive storytelling and distinctive sound is set to resonate with audiences far and wide. As a love song delivered through the distinct lens of Vienna, "I hate falling, but I'd fall anywhere with you" is a single you won't want to miss.



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