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We Are To Blame Elevates Metal with 'Duality II': A Symphony of Power and Melody from the Arctic

Cover art for We Are To Blame's 'Duality II'
Cover art for We Are To Blame's 'Duality II'
We Are To Blame's 'Duality II': A Melodic Metal Fusion

We Are To Blame, the Scandinavian metal band known for their unique blend of styles, releases 'Duality II', a continuation of their journey in modern metal music. Vocalist Alice Hartvig joined Johan Karlsson's vision for a metal project, leading to the creation of We Are To Blame. Along with guitarist Urban Granbacke, the band crafts songs that merge pop melodies with a heavy metal foundation. Hailing from the Arctic Circle, the band combines female pop vocals with a fusion of progressive power metal and melodeath, seasoned with electronic and symphonic elements.

The project contains the musical fusion of Gothic Melodic Metal with influences from power, melodic death, and progressive metal. Through these features, The EP blends symphonic and electronic elements with Alice Hartvig's pop-infused vocals to create the distinctive 'Duality II' sound. Thematically 'Duality II' is an exploration of contrasting themes that intertwine the notions of joy and melancholy. The band focuses on strong, emotionally resonant themes, aiming to move listeners with their music.

Promotional image of We Are To Blame
Promotional image of We Are To Blame

'I Want This To End' introduces a long melodic metal guitar introduction before jumping headfirst into an array of heavy more classic metal. It takes a while to get into the main body of the piece with the vocals coming in just past the one minute mark.

'Be Here' knows how to keep an audience interested. It swoops in and out with melodic elements, hints of synth, and heavier elements such as melodeath and progressive.

'Into The Fire' is a speedy piece, it thrashes with pounding drumming and intricate metal riffs. Screamo adds a contrast to almost angelic vocal influxes. It's a juxtaposed piece that will bring you close and push you away more times than a yoyo master.

'Fall From Grace' is progressive, moving, powerful, and somewhat cinematic in its energy. There's a sense of shifting angles, composition arrangements, and patters that will keep you interested.

'Something Is Coming For Us' takes me back to early 00s 'Bullet For My Valentine' vibes with its melodic picks and thrashing strums. These layers capture the full force of the listener making a whole immersive experience. A fresh take on the heavier side of rock with a nostalgic glaze.

To conclude the project, 'Be Here - Acoustic' takes the power of the second track and makes everything seem relaxed, and angelic and almost transpires into the hypnotic. An amazing but unexpected ending that showcases the highly versatile vocals of Alice Hartvig.

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