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WEEKLY TOP 10 22/04/2022



TAYLOR ROCHE - Similar Feeling

Auckland, New Zealand

Taylor Roche made a comeback today with his latest release titled 'Similar Feeling'. This release gives us a fusion of flavors from the 80s/90s Pop and R&B.

Heavy inspiration from the 80s/90s artists such as INXS and are blended with his

love the sounds from artists such as Troye Sivan, Blanks, Joji, and The Weeknd. This is a song that encapsulates the process of moving on from someone, discovering a ‘similar feeling’ in someone else, but inwardly projecting you haven't truly moved on ‘similar feeling’ is the result of a collaborative co-writing session with New Zealand producer/songwriter Joel Jones. The track tells the story of a journey that dwells on the idea that we sometimes never truly move on, sometimes we just search for the comfort of a similar feeling in someone else. We loved this one, so...TAKE THE NUMBER 1 SPOT THIS WEEK. Click the link below to hear it.



LILIE - something to romanticize

Houston, TX, United States

LILIE is the alias of Houston, TX based singer/songwriter, producer, claymation artist, and game developer Akash Ali who has made his aim, through use of those multiple mediums, to create songs that are an immersive experience beyond just their sonic bodies. His influences include Summer Walker, Mitski, FKA Twigs, Bright Eyes, SZA, Elliott Smith, and Sunny Day Real Estate. This track impressed our CEO this and she specifically requested that it made the Top 10 Weekly finds list. Check it out for yourselves and see what you think by using the link below. Go run it up.




Nashville, United States

Credit - Sejoh Frogi

Opening with a catchy melodic synth similar to that of 'Black and Yellow' by Wiz Khalifa, 'IDC' is a powerful and uplifting anthem to those who feel disenfranchised or marginalized for being themselves. We enjoyed the guitar slides in the background of this track. It features a soaring chorus and moody verses to encapsulate the feeling of overcoming doubters. The heavy bass accompanies the synths and the electric guitar perfectly and is enticing when combined with the softness of the vocals. An important message in this track pretty much tells haters to do one. The energy is taken up a gear through a rap verse that I didn't expect to make an appearance. Number 3 this week! Click the link, we've got this one on repeat.



Broxton - What The World Needs

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Credit - Tim Broxton

Opening with an old-school RnB keys synth we're given a soulful and jazzy feel accompanied by a quiet but effective drum loop. As the vocals accompany the instrumentalisation we're provided with smooth vocals followed by a spoken word/rap. The overall vibe of this track is reminiscent of that of the late Mac Miller in the way of productions, singing and the rap/spoken word elements. We thought that the keys in this track were particularly catchy and when combined with the drum loops and different vocal elements gave us a real RnB groove. Check it out!



Sol Morgan - Sex Appeal ft. Ethos The Rapper

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sol Morgan is a British singer/songwriter based in the UK and has been singing professionally in live bands since 2012. His musical roots stem from being raised in church and although his style infuses soulful R&B vocals, Sol initially started out as a garage MC. Growing up listening to a wide range of genres (including reggae, motown, UK garage, R&B), has enabled Sol to become more versatile in the music he writes and performs. More recently, Sol appeared on the British television series: X-Factor in 2018 but his journey would come to an end at the Six Chair Challenge. Sol has written a variety of genres and styles to experiment and find his sound, currently finishing up his debut EP which he plans to release throughout 2022. His latest release titled 'Sex Appeal' features fellow artist 'Ethos The Rapper' whose main influence is hip hop. This skillful lyricist often explores tough subjects narrated over dynamically composed production coupled with elements of ambiance and surrealism that make even the darkest of topics easy to digest. Get this track onto your playlists, you don't want to miss it!



Jro713 - 713 Bars

Houston, United States

Credit - Jro713

Jro713 from Houston has released his latest piece titled '713 Bars', taking influence from the likes of 2pac, chief keef and lil durk. His main objective is to make a change to the narrative of the youth who have been or are in an environment similar to his own. In a statement Jro713 expanded further - "We've been through a lot of hard times with losing our homies to violence Or drugs and seeing how crazy the rap/street game can be even if we haven't made it big yet but my main goal is to speak for those who can't speak for themselves and try and fix the youths way of thinking, even if I do make harder music at times it is still something that the rageful teens in these streets feel." We really admire the courage and ethos of this artist. Click the link below to hear his latest release.



Jōviky - Proud of Me

Los Angeles, United States

Jōviky's latest single 'Proud of Me' is inspired by an awakening, a moment of clarity inspired by time spent lamenting the loss of childhood. Sharing these thoughts and feelings that had brought the artist peace, he hopes that it can help others with dealing with the arduous process of overcoming childhood trauma too. The track is an earnest look inside the internal healing process. Jōviky candidly opens up about childhood loss and what it means to move forward in life without the certainty of familial identity. The emotionally charged, piano-driven production provides a solid foundation and bounce that adds a new feel and context when compared to Jōvikys previous alternative hip hop single 'Visine'. Jōviky’s music is an evolving hybrid of hip hop, pop, folk, and alternative with an innovative and genre-busting musical aesthetic. “Proud of Me” was written by Jōviky with production by Los Angeles-based musician MaxxWell Q.



Allegra - He Ain't You

London, United Kingdom

Allegra is back with her latest new single titled ‘He Ain’t You’. Taking a step away from her dance roots, Allegra takes a step into her maturity as an artist in this pop anthem. 'He Ain’t You' explores the struggles of moving on from a failed past relationship, finding someone new, but still romanticising those unforgettable past feelings. We've all been there right? “But if I close my eyes just for a second | It just might do” “I know it’s not fair | But just for a second | I need to forget that he ain’t you” she sings over the top of an entrancing pop beat, the mid-tempo track flows with a longing to forget. Allegra opted to create a much more honest track that exposes her vulnerability in a painstakingly relatable sentiment. Get it added to your playlist today by clicking the link below. Great track with a relatable message.



Weston & Teston - Always There

Toronto, Canada

Weston & Teston have sent us their new track 'Always There' to have a listen to. The duo is from Toronto, Ontario. Their track has been released under the hot label 'Feels Like Records'. Defo check them out. ‘Lay Me Down,’ features Heather Janssen on vocals who delivers a slick, sexy, smooth vocal that excites you just in time for the summer. This single showcases Weston & Teston’s signature sound while maintaining a dance pop feel that is sure to please the masses. 'Lay Me Down’ was two years in the making and remains entirely written and produced by the duo. The single will include the one (1) recording: 1. Weston & Teston – Lay Me Down (ft. Heather Janssen). This is a real summer vibe and we rate the way that the pair worked consistently on it for so long to get it to where it is now. Number 1 this week!



Vallac - Fake Love

Milan, Italy

Luigi Vallario, aka Vallac is back with his track titled 'Fake Love'. First discovering his love for music at aged 10, having approached various instruments he then went on to definitively chose to be for pursuing his love of electric bass. In 2017 he was invited to join on stage with an Italian artist (Nek) during his tour as DJ, and so started working alongside this talented artist. He decided to pursue his dream as a DJ, creating the persona of Vallac. He started last year by releasing his first 4 EPs. 'Fake Love' Opens with a funky deep house bassline and is then joined by the traditional sounds of house music - packed with piano synths, drum loops, vocal chops, and full female AND male vocals. This track should definitely be used by house DJs across the globe. I think it would do great in the UK club scene. Massive fan! One for your summer playlists and DJs, should get this on their set lists for sure!



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