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Weekly Top 10 Afrobeat



MYLES - Old Fashioned

Watford, United Kingdom

Myles, primarily known for his membership in RnB/Pop group Rak Su blew the minds of the British public during his time in the talent competition 'The X Factor'. In fact, as I'm sure we all remember - They won! Written, produced and recorded in just five hours at his home studio, 'Old Fashioned' is Myles' first solo single. His debut track provides us with a great afrobeat-inspired pop track just in time for the summer! His lyrics overthrow any preconceptions upheld by society regarding modern dating. He just wants to do things the good 'Old Fashioned' way. We hear this message through his lyrical content - "Forget Netflix & Chill I wanna do this old fashioned, I wanna take you out and talk before we get cracking". Drawing inspiration from his own endeavors with love, Myles holds the view that doing things the Old Fashioned way is what encouraged his happy three-year relationship. I have no other words other than TAKE THE NUMBER 1 SPOT MYLES and we cannot wait to hear what's coming next!




Lagos, Nigeria

On 18th March, KBK Starboi released a collaboration with producer xondabeat and singer Mbakara titled 'Body On Your Body' which instantly captures the ultimate afrobeats summer vibe. We've had in on repeat and learnt all the words already! When asked his definition of success he told us that he sees success as becoming a giant, great artist from Africa and we definitely feel that he deserves to be!



ISSAMWERA - Ástin mín

Iceland, Keflavik

Credit - Yara Polana

We had a listen to Issamwera's new release 'Astin min' and we were really impressed with its originality. The told us that their name comes from blending the meaning of two words: "Issam-wera" from Sena (a language from Beira, Mozambique) meaning "to come", Mwera referencing the Mwera tribe in North Mozambique and the word "Samvera" from the Icelandic language, meaning “togetherness.” This track is saucy, unique, and quite mindful through the use of windpipes and afro beats. The guitar solos fit perfectly in the mix and the vocals are beautifully crafted. We can hear the passion in their artistry. Definitely have a listen!



Floret Fauna - No Te Enamores de Nadie

Barcelona, Spain

Credit - Julietta Pea

Floret Fauna, is an Italian Colombian international model and singer. Her new track titled 'No Te Enamores de Nadie' is an upbeat track with a great melody. Combining elements of Afrobeats, Reggaeton and pop we hear a spin of beautifully performed vocals in this track. Definitely check her out. We're really looking forward to following Floeret's journey. Click below to stream 'No Te Enamores de Nadie'.



MYLES - Crazy Love

Watford, United Kingdom

Coming in at Number 5 this week is Myles with his new single 'Crazy Love'. Hot off the press, this track was only just released today. A late edition to our Top 10 but definitely deserves the title. Already in the public eye and crowned Number 1 this week, Myles needs no real introduction. Another HOT release from the Rak-Su superstar with even stronger afrovibes than his debut release 'Old Fashioned'. Go listen now!



Bling Eye - weather man

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Born Fabian lofters, known professionally as Bling Eye, is a Jamaican Artist. Bling eye's name originated from his unusual eye color. Bling Eye grew up in Norwood, Montego Bay Jamaica where he was caught up in the street life when eventually he started focusing on his future and passion for music. 'weather man' is the ultimate dancehall/afrobeat inspired bop for all those who really want to get down to party.



Obije - So fly

Minneapolis, United States

Credit - Charles Obije

At Number 7 this week is Obije with his track titled 'So fly'. From Minneapolis, United States, Obije is an upcoming artist who has several releases under his belt. This is a song that is very chilled with afrobeat vibes that reminisce on past times and gives thanks for the Universe's gift of life! Go stream 'So fly' now using the link underneath.



Obeeyay - Make You Mine

Oba Bonner, better known as artist Obeeyay, is Utah’s diamond ring of the local music scene. Combining electronic dance beats with soulful lyricism, Obeeyay is described as “Khalid and Cautious Clay meets Sean Kingston.” We really liked the vibe so we put Obeeyay in at Number 8 this week. Click the link to hear more.



Teeleonie - Belong

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Teeleonie has come through with her latest release titled 'Belong' and we loved it! Opening with a soulful, tribal vibe you instantly hear the passion in the harmonies. The synth smoothly joins alongside the hi-hats instantly getting you bopping. Teeleonie has a great way of portraying her spirituality through her music not only through the lyrics but also through the production and execution of her vocals.



AkaiBoi - Afrique

Evansville, United States

AkaiBoi released a new single titled “Afrique” recently. He told us that "The history is wild: I posted a video of me making a musical mistake on TikTok" Take a look for yourself - He told us that he's from Ghana, West Africa and couldn’t fathom producing an African song without more Africans. He credited the internet for finding a producer from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This led to the creation of this track. Some real cool guitar mixed with afrobeat, check it out.



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