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Weekly Top 10 Guitar Riffs - 08/04/2022

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Check out this week's top 10 Guitar Riffs!




Munich, Germany

Herb Barclay Project from Munich, Germany have come through with their current release 'Realize' Offers. This track gave us an INSTANT buzz through the opening guitar riff through giving us a hit of the heavy distortion usually found in heavy rock but bordering on the funk side of genres with their chord progression. The track definitely blurs the genres - something that the project pride themselves in doing and we really love that. Rap, rock, punk and funk are all fused together remincient of artists such as Linkin Park and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Project works with an international crew of vocalists and rappers to create their unique sound. Definitely check out the guitar in this one!




California, United States

Credit - MLH/MLN

Matthew Liam Nicholson started releasing music in late 2021 but already has an album under his belt! The California-based Australian composer has released his latest track 'Time Machine'. This track is home to warm acoustic guitar which interwines with psychedelic string arrangements. Combined with his vocals we are taken on a dreamy earthly trip to the core of nature. Nicholson comments - “Time Machine is a waltzy dreamy meditation on circles, cycles, rotations, revelations, changing times". We really like the hypnotic vibe of this track and the way that it grounded us. Go check him out using the link below!



FloodHounds - Panic Stations

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Credit - Eleanor Freeman (@ehfproductions)

FloodHounds, a Yorkshire Trio, consists of Jack Flynn on Vocals/Guitar, Anna Melidone acing the bass and Lauren Greaves making noise on Drums. 'Panic Stations' their latest release presents an Arctic Monkeys style gritty guitar riff which present throughout the verses of the track. We were initially captured by the both the chord progression and the effects used. A second guitar progression makes its way into the track which is just as catchy. If you're a fan of The Arctic Monkeys or similar sounds then this band is a must for your playlists. Use the link below to hear more from 'Floodhounds'.




Somewhere, United States

Marx Connors released 'Phases' as his my first release. We found it astonishing that so much talent could come out of someone so new to the industry. This is one of our CEOs favorite submissions thus far. When quizzed on the nature of the track Marx stated "I wrote phases while thinking about how far my life has progressed and how some times not all good things last forever. Phases has a really relaxing nostalgic feel to it." We completely agree that the feel of the track is quite something, the guitar in this just lifts the vocals to another level of feeling. Click the link below to stream.




North Hollywood, California, United States

Credit - Ryan Chisesi

Futurelust sent us their latest single 'Vice' in anticipation of their debut self-titled album.. Recorded at Clear Lake Recording Studio in North Hollywood, California, Futurelust is a Los Angeles-based rock band. Opening with a synth sounding electric guitar chord structure we're instantly captured by the way that the guitar holds this track together. Later joined by a funky bassline sounding riff we loved the overall feal of this track as well as the awesome guitar skills. Go check out Futurelust out using the link below.




London, United Kingdom

Credit - Tom Green

Superbloom from London, UK have released their current project 'Smile'. Opening immediately with a catchy and funky bassline we were captured by the track quite early on. As the track continues we hear the merging of the bassline and electric guitar alongside the vocals and it really worked. We're given the gift of a heavy metal guitar solo midway through which offers something different to the track. A great mix, great lyrics and great overall sound. This band reminded us of Fall Out Boy both in production and vocal style. Check out 'Superbloom' through the link below.



San Quentin - Crossed The Line

San Quentin release their new single titled 'Crossed The Line' this month so we decided to have a listen! Signed to 'Golden Robot Records', 'San Quentin' has been making big moves across the rock music scene lately. Opening with heavy lead guitar and drums they immediately go in hard with this track. Great vocals, a great mix, and catchy lyrics. They talk about a woman who has crossed the line, likening the situation to a cat and mouse game that ends in tears. Making it clear that they're not running back, the relationship is very clearly over. Go check them out! and make sure that you don't cross the line!



Paid by Cash - Sirens in the Sea

United Kingdom, Leeds/Bradford

Credit - Emma Carter

Paid by Cash are a four piece band from Leeds/Bradford. They released their latest song 'Sirens in the Sea' recently so we had a listen when the submission came through. Similar to an Arctic Monkeys indie vibe, this track is full of enticing guitar riffs so we thought we'd add it into our Top 10 Guitar riffs this week. Have a listen to it and get it on your playlists by using the spotify link below. Great work guys, we can't wait for the EP.



MOSAIC - She's A Rebel

Norwich, United Kingdom

Mosaic are formed by high school friends Jordan Neale- Rhythm guitar, vocalist and songwriter Bradley Harber- Lead guitar and songwriter Oliver Whitehouse- Bass

Player Billy Lewis- Lead Vocalist, Frontman - Charlie Steward- Drummer. Their latest release called 'She's A Rebel' shows their personalities as easy going fungoers who don't take life too seriously (we all need a bit of that in our lives) Go check out their music below.



The DePatie Melt - The Viking Princess And The Troll King

Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles-based guitarist John DePatie released his new song The Viking Princes And The Troll King under the name The DePatie Melt. When asked about the title he commented “I came up with the title while visiting Norway in January 2017. I had seen a hilarious Norwegian mockumentary called troll Hunter, and I got the idea for a story kind of the like Beauty And The Beast or Shrek,”. Written/recorded and performed by DePatie this is a track with cool guitar riffs throughout. Use the link below to check out the catchy guitar layers.



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