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Well Grounded's 'Sailing On' Blends Soul Reggae with Industrial Textures for a Unique Indie Sound


Soul Reggae has found its way into the indie scene and it’s no secret that we all love it. Mix those bopping sounds and heartfelt lyrics with some industrial textures and root rock vibes and you get somewhere in the ballpark of Well Grounded’s ‘Sailing On.’ The track builds from reggae, it moves to it, breathes in the funk, but it never sits still. The sound takes on synthetic glitchy chords, melodies that rise from cybernetic ashes. They glitter against the guitar. The bridge moves the sound back, we see piano make a return. The light of the world shines down on us as we give ourselves to the beat.

‘Sailing On’ is a beautiful track. The vocals are sublime, catching the rhythm, moving the melody. The instrumental takes risks, all of which work, delivering a song that has no rival, has no comparison. Well Grounded has happened upon a sound all their own, and I absolutely love it.



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