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What Kingdom Unveils 'Keep It Moving': A Vivid Electro-Experimental Journey Through the Unseen

‘Keep It Moving’ is the latest from the electro experimental project, What Kingdom. The colours and textures on show in this single are astounding, savoury, and bring to light a side of UK life that rarely gets seen. The working class rumble, getting on with it, the time that flies by as you sit and work hour after hour. The Slog. What Kingdom has used a mix of classic textures, lo-fi beats and new-wave synth sounds to create a soundscape to escape in. The instrumental surrounds you with melodic freedom, the beat locks you in tight. Then the vocals begin, that’s where the magic happens.

What Kingdom have taken to spoken word to move you with ‘Keep It Moving.’ The conversational approach works wonders for the track. A splendid clash of feelings, eclectic melody, and simple down-to-earth conversation. It all hits you at once and it all feels so new. ‘Keep It Moving’ is a track that blends the normal into the not-so-normal, forming new and profound electric sounds that are sure to captivate and tantalise. Fantastic.



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