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Updated: Jul 16, 2022



Wotts are non-stop giving us amazing, summer smash hits! This out-of-the-ordinary duo are really reinventing the Indie–Pop genre and doing so by releasing bop after bop with their funky, fun, and fabulous sound. Their energy is super uplifting and totally transports you back in time to the 80s with that retro nostalgic, electric pop sound, adding creative, cool, catchy lyrics. Lemonade is a perfect summer chill-out tune, a shoulder-bopping, hip-swaying song, that you can have a little boogie to whilst you sing along with those soft dreamy vocals with unforgettable, feel-good lyrics.


NUMBER 2 = Cara Doc – Parole

Cara Doc is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Northern Ireland, her single ‘Parole’ is a mellow country track with a relaxed and laid back drum beat with the acoustic guitar softly matching, then perfectly paired with Cara’s absolutely angelic voice. Cara’s sweet feminine harmonies are soft yet sexy whilst singing a daring and troublesome song. This one-in-a-million singer is recreating the old country, outlaw sound, thus reminding me of the softer and smoother take on the hit ‘Black Velvet’ in 1990 by Robin Lee, mixed with a little Stevie Nicks influence with that floaty, gypsy sway.


NUMBER 3 = Laertis – In the Attic

Laerits has graced us with his latest release, ‘In the Attic’ featuring a soft but upbeat tune with a catchy chorus hook. This song holds a soft surrounding sound as this London-based artist and lyricist shares he has links to Athens, with this he creates a beautifully euphoric sound that is inspired by Latin Jazz, Folk, and Hip Hop! Taking a little from each of these genres he describes his own sound as a “genre–bending style that allures listeners and provokes contemplating.” Laertis soulful energy is down to the percussive rhythm and his Mediterranean guitar riffs and melodies.


NUMBER 4 = Hallbeck – Dagarna med dig

Hallbeck has worked within the music industry for some time now within many of the behind-the-scenes roles such as; a technician, a producer, and a songwriter as well as touring with different artists and bands. The song ‘Dagarna med dig’ is beautifully harmonised as this sweet-sounding song is a lovely tribute to Hallbeck’s beloved Ellen. Hallbeck shares that his song is inspired by and dedicated to all those special moments in life we take appreciation for; when everything is working well, going right in life, taking advantage of chances, grabbing happiness, and seizing joy whenever it arises.


NUMBER 5 = The Lunar Keys – Oxygen Type

These four talented and energetic individuals have come together gradually over the years to form The Lunar Keys! The band consists of the superb singer and bass player JC and Dom who creates those awesome drum beats, these pair were once a part of a previous London band! But everything happens for a reason because, in 2019, keyboardist and singer Lexi joined but then completing the band in 2020 they were joined by ‘The Steve’ bringing awesome guitar riffs and vocals. ‘Oxygen Type’ is upbeat indie with a bopping beat, catchy lyrics with 80’s influenced break down, and a guitar solo.


NUMBER 6 = Karen Harding – I’ve Got a Secret

Karen Harding has released her new single ‘I’ve Got a Secret’, an endearing and acoustic track that is a heartfelt, soulful song that you can belt your heart out to. The acoustic guitar is strummed loudly with a dramatic tone until the chorus where it fades ever so slightly letting Harding’s voice take over with full power for the chorus with her phenomenal vocals that will take your breath away while absorbing her somber tone. With lyrics so intriguing and heartfelt, starting with “I’ve got a secret deep in my soul…” and ending with a breathy outro “will you stay?”


NUMBER 7 = ROFOROFO – Far and Away

ROFOROFO are an incredible German duo that has extreme talent on the drums, guitar, and vocals! They bonded over mutual inspirations of good old-fashioned rock and roll and their love for a little jazz, thus resulting in the two embracing this new musical journey together. Sharing a sound that is so different yet still true to classic rock, holding an acid – folk and pop sound resulting in them collecting a range of new fans! The musical duo have released one album so far back in 2017, self-titled ‘ROFOROFO’ and their second album is currently at its finishing stages.


NUMBER 8 = littleDNGR – I Love Danger

Grammy and Oscar-nominated songwriters Joshua Bartholomew and Lisa Harriton have created a cinematic Grunge–Pop musical duo with littleDNGR. These two individuals with their amazing talents combined have done amazingly well at succeeding in creating a cinematic soundscape! With undeniably catchy choruses, outstanding guitar riffs, electro beats, and a bit of a dramatic soundscape break down on the bridge before bringing back the electronic beat for the last chorus. This song captures your brain with the exciting electronic sound and super catchy, repetitive lyrics within the chorus such as “Give me your love, sex, magic. Danger, I love danger!”


NUMBER 9 = Kyle & The Super Best Friends – ksbf

Kyle & The Super Best Friends are a Brooklyn-based band that are known for taking “pride in friendship, loyalty, and DIY music” and they have released an ever-so-soothing track in ksbf. Throughout the track you can hear a soft bass line alongside beautiful guitar riffs which I do feel is the main focus of the song, thus creating a vibrant but euphoric guitar rhythm. Matching this is a deep harmonising tone using a low cadence throughout the track, expressing inner feelings through the lyrics which when you hear you can relate to with your own interpretation.


NUMBER 10 = Blue Coffee – Last Dance

Traditional Indie sound with a simple and standard rock drum beat, the bass playing a high rhythmic beat easy to bop along too with the guitar melodic, subtle and sweet. The vocals seem to be the main focus throughout this track which are rather dry and deep with the odd high note within the chorus quite reminiscent of well-known Indie Pop band singer from Placebo Brian Molko. This dry tone throughout I believe is to express the depth of the lyrics that are being sung such as “waking up is hard” adding sorrow to the vocals expresses the song.



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