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Updated: Jul 23, 2022




Los Angeles, United States

‘Kill a Ghost’ by Maria Weissman starts off with what appears to be Maria Weissman sitting on a chair in some sort of desert setting which immediately caught my eye. The video then showcases Maria Weissman dancing around a casket buried in the ground accompanied by a cross. The video then progresses to have her playing what appears to be a piano which heightens her musician status which was enjoyable to watch. Overall, it was a pleasure to be reviewing this video and it deserves more recognition in the future. Bravo to Maria Weissman for making this amazing video.



MARCUS EATON - Bystander

Los Angeles, United States

Well, what can I say about this one! Initially captivated by the thumbnail I was eager to watch the whole video. This video has a line sketch effect to its production offering viewers something heavily rooted in creative distortion. The track, however, flows beautifully and coherently with the visuals. The song itself is stunning - it reminds me of the lyrical and production of Ed Sheeran which can NEVER be anything other than a hit. The video takes us through the headshots of multiple people highlighting the concept of the piece. I'm very impressed with everything about this one!




Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina

‘Wake up’ by Cielo Pordomingo is an animated music video that starts off with the image of a dark sky and stars in it which is a nice opening to a music video. The video then progresses to having a woman traveling around the city by a rope as if she cannot let go of it. The video then progresses to have many other people walking with strings and lights attached to them which suggests some sort of dystopian universe that the characters in this video are living in. The video then ends with people ascending which gives the connotation that they are being set free.



PK - Superstore

Tallinn, Estonia

‘Superstore’ by PK starts with two women talking to the camera with the caption “spent most of the music video budget to send these girls on a vacation to the Maldives” which in my opinion was a nice thing to do. The video then showcases what appears to be PK walking down the street whilst miming the lyrics to the song which offers a performance narrative to the video. Towards the middle of the video, the backdrop is changed from colour to monochrome which was a nice shift in focus. Another thing that I enjoyed was the two women dancing around PK as it brought a smile to my face.




Rotterdam, Netherlands

‘HI HA’ by Eruption Artistique is a monochrome video that starts off with two people running in masks. The video then depicts a very white image of a man, who is a part of the duo Eruption Artistique, whenever he is performing to the camera which was a contrast to the monochrome image of the rest of the music video. The video then depicts a woman who is the other half of Eruption Artistique performing to the camera and doing things e.g drinking from a glass and walking around the setting of this music video. Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing this video.



ELAD DAVID‏ - Funky Smell


‘Funky Smell’ by Elad David is a video that has the image of a rat and the album cover accompanied by the phrase “you can smell it”. Overall, the video has flashing effects that were in time with the music video, and it was quite a new experience as I have never seen this type of music video created like this before. What I also enjoyed is that the title for the video specifically says flash warning which is good for people who want to enjoy the song, but may have issues with flashing lights.



ITTAI BINNUN - Me And Julio Saz Cover

Jerusalem, Israel

‘Me and Julio’ – Paul Simon Saz cover by Ittai Binnun starts off with what appears to be a woman sleeping which then jumps to a man wearing a sombrero hat walking down a road. The video then progresses to have the woman waking up and angrily walking towards a man whilst miming the lyrics “against the law”. The video then showcases what appears to be the woman’s son sliding down the slide which is then followed by the mother sliding down the slide which puts a smile on my face. The video ends with the woman and what appears to be her son walking down a road.



BERNADETT – Palladio

Miami, FL, United States

‘Palladio’ by Bernadett starts off with the image of a red curtain which ultimately gives the video the theatrical vibe which is consistent throughout the video. The video then progresses to showcase two male dancers performing to this track which was enjoyable to see as it provides something new to the music video. Also, by this track not having lyrics it was good to hear and witness the violin being played in this as it is one of my favourite string instruments. Overall, this video was very enjoyable to watch and to write a review for. Bravo to Bernadett.



STROMER HILLS - If U Like The Way I Walk

Calgary, Canada

‘if u like the way i walk’ by Stromer Hills is a lyric video that offers visuals behind the lyrics which matches the vibe of the music video which I love. The video in my opinion is fun to watch and the track most certainly had me dancing in my seat. What I also enjoyed about the video is the static image on the screen as it gave the music video a vintage vibe which was enjoyable to see. Overall, the video was an absolute delight to review, and hopefully, in the future, I review more from Stromer Hills.




Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Supernovae’ by Failing Exploration is a lyric video that has a visual of blue swirly images which is the main centre image throughout the video. As the lyrics are at the bottom of the screen it brings the centre image to a focus which I really enjoyed whilst watching this video as I have never seen this done before in a lyric video. The pace at which the lyrics are moving is on beat to the lyrics which is good, so people don’t get confused with the lyrics of the video. Bravo to Failing Exploration.






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