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Wild Horse Gallops into the Indie Scene with 'Do You Wanna Talk': Funky, Jazz-Infused Pop-Rock

Wild Horse are back with a single that dances and delights as it pours from the heart of the UK indie scene, with a few tricks up its sleeve (those tricks being a spadeful of funk and an earful of jazz). ‘Do You Wanna Talk’ is a track that is at its best when you are moving with it. The beats, the flourish, the constant greatness in the low end. It’s all you can do to stay sitting still, so just give in why don't you? Have a dance for once. Wild Horse are honing their sound and finding new strengths along the way. Here, the layering of a funk undertone mixed with modern pop-rock overheads pairs so well with the high Vox up front. It’s a sound you won't forget in a hurry because it will stick to you within moments.

To write a catchy song is one tremendous feat — but to do it with charm, endless style and a flair for innovation? That takes something profound. Wild Horse are out there working hard and pushing out tracks that will break through any minute now. I suggest you take some time for yourself to prepare for the pop revolution with the perfect tune, ‘Do You Wanna Talk.’ Golly gosh is it a belter! My oh my.



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