#WILLCARLSON wastes no time! It's Now Or Never




Gold Coast, Australia





#WillCarlson impressed me with his debut single #McKenzie making it to Number 2 in our Top 10 Hip-Hop & Rap back in April. #WillCarlson is now back with his debut EP entitled #NoworNever.ep. I was super excited to get my ears around his new music! So, let's get into it then. The Ep consists of 6 tracks that were written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by the artist himself in his own bedroom. This Ep has so many interesting influences mixed within it from emo rap to punk to hyper pop. #Heartbeat sets the scene nicely with a hyper pop emo-rap infusion. Autotuned vocals keep the emo-rap vocals at the forefront of the piece whilst the pop melody holds the sunshine of the piece. A super catchy track with a mix of emotion thrown in! #IntoYou captured my attention with the revered guitar loop - the hip-hop drums really work with the guitar and the bars to keep the R&B influence prominent. The bass of the 808s take over the second half of the production. These first two tracks are super catchy. #Halo has a different opening with a certain punk feel about it. Heavily distorted guitar riffs set the scene here in a track that would fans of #MachineGunKelly. Again we hear autotuned vocals take listeners through a multitude of genre influences. The last two pieces touch on the same theme - Toxic relationships. #FallInLove slows things down to relax listeners. Lofi sounds with a pop vibe bring us closer to the artist in a more intimate piece. The guitar and drum loops have a feel of #Phora about it and I absolutely LOVE #Phora. The addition of phone rings adds a feeling of disconnect between the artist and who he's singing about but connectedness to his listeners. The autotuned vocals give this piece a hint of #JuiceWrld. #Phora and #JuiceWrld influence = Bang on. #JustGettin'Older has a dreamy feel. Alternative R&B with heavy 808s, dream pop synths, and classic emotional guitar loops enhance the sound of the vocals to take you to a dream state. Closing the EP is #McKenzie - the piece that TJPL News first heard from #WillCarlson. This piece is packed with heavy 808s, emo rap vocals, and a sense of coolness within it. I think that overall this is a really strong project from #WillCarlson. The production is spot on, the mixing is quality and the lyrics are very catchy - I'm looking forward to hearing his future releases as he grows further into the artist that he wants to be. I would definitely suggest streaming the project especially if you're into pop, post-punk, R&B, and/or emo-rap. Did I mention we interviewed #WillCarlson? Click the link below and let's go backstage!