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Wolfschmidt's "Suffocated" Takes Rock to New Heights with Spellbinding Sound

Wolfschmidt have brought a new sound into the rock space that will charm you the moment that you hear it. Their single, ‘Suffocated,’ takes many forms; all of which delight, all of which bewitch. The silence that builds in the beginning folds into sound: guitars that crash and bass that rattles. The drums splash and crash, fading away to reveal a delicate Vox with enough punch to stay afloat amongst the rock. It’s a powerful sound, a wall of tone, one that you are swamped by, lost in the sound space. Soon the chorus comes along, a guiding light in the darkness, but do not be fooled — at least not for long. Bang! A switch, a break. The song dives into the dark, finding tone, finding texture and bringing it all the way back up for the finale.

‘Suffocated’ is a stellar piece of storytelling. The track moves, the personality changes along with you. The world is full of colour that shifts to grey. Wolfschmidt are spell weavers as well as musicians. Smashing.

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