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Drift Away with YAEL LANCIANO's Dream Pop Single "Runnin' Away"

Singer-Songwriter Channels Love's Complexities into a Sonic Journey

YAEL LANCIANO 'Runnin' Away' Cover Art
YAEL LANCIANO 'Runnin' Away' Cover Art

YAEL LANCIANO is a Los Angeles-based alchemist of sound. She infuses her heart's tales into each chord and lyric that she brings and her single"Runnin' Away" is no different. Here we have a confessional dance track with love's elusive shadows. As a solo act, Lanciano's dual expertise as a pianist and vocalist shines through and is complemented by her co-production prowess. Mix all of this together and you find an artist who is capturing the spirit of independence in the music industry.

Lanciano's evolving influences are the lifeblood of her dynamic sound with tracks infused with brewing promise, we are to experience a fusion that is reminiscent of, the magnetic charm of Doja Cat. It's a cocktail of inspirations set to redefine the contours of alternative pop.

Hit play, and you're dragged into a Lofi mediation instrumental - at least that's what I thought. Listen for a few more seconds and you fall into a rabbit hole of Lofi pop meets R&B, the instrumentation closely linked to Doja Cat's Kiss Me More and Say So era, the vocals smooth, dream pop. Let's be fair about it, this artist has great commercial potential. Could we have found a new star here?

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"Runnin' Away" was born out of the intimate setting of Lanciano's apartment, a space where creativity meets comfort and it's definitely something that has shown in the final production. The song feels close to home, it's a comfort but also a dreamy pop playground. For this piece, YAEL LANCIANO took to collaborate with Dibs, a maestro discovered on Soundbetter. Together they have flawlessly woven a personal and expansive production.

The single narrates the tale of a love unfulfilled, a narrative that many find all too familiar. Lanciano reflects on a romance marred by hesitance, a dance with a partner whose heart remained just out of reach. It's a story of almosts and what-ifs, wrapped in the vibrant energy of commercial pop.

YAEL LANCIANO's candid reflection on the single offers a glimpse into the ethos that drives her music: "If they're hesitating, it's as good as a no. Every note I play, every word I sing, is a step towards unguarded expression."

Would I listen to this track again? You bet I will. Again and Again.

Genre: Alternative Pop, Commercial Pop, Contemporary Pop, Pop Electronic, Vocal Dance, Art Pop

Mood: Reflective, Empowering, Introspective, Uplifting, Danceable, Heartfelt

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