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Berlin, Germany

Credit - Jessica Post

Pop and soul. And folk too. They are blended so often, and the outcome is often the same. A regular pop song with some acoustic guitar in the back, maybe some lyrics that pick up the pace here and there to change the dynamics. But it never feels like a new genre. Zaki Hagins ‘Younger’ is the sound of a new genre being created before our very ears. It's minimal, it's poppy but it is personal, the vocalist feels like they’re right there with you and they never strain for volume against the strings that carry the melody home. The melody and pacing are all set on the vocal and its patterns. It's simple, and that’s what makes it simply magical.

There are two versions of ‘Younger’ on Zaki Hagins’ debut single - acoustic and pop mixes. The acoustic takes us deeper into the lyrics, into the hum and rhythm of the vocals, the strings sit just beyond reach and keep the song going via silent encouragement like that of a sibling overseas. The pop mix adds beats, a pulse and a tone and changes the tempo slightly to hone the hook, it's catchy and it gets you in moments. Zaki Hagins has proved in one debut single that there are still sounds to be created and discovered that are unlike any we have heard before. ‘Younger’ could be a turning point in pop for the better, all we need to do as music fans is to give Zaki Hagins the attention they deserve and push this enchanting single through the roof.

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