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Ven Aqui Feat. Zano

Marlboro, United States

Credit - Ryan Photography

Classic hip-hop and rap are forever friends. It has moved into the R&B scene recently in pop, but there are still those making rap tracks through the old hip-hop influence. Rap that feels straight out of the 90s in a good way. One of those artists is Zenodro, and their latest single, ‘Ven Aqui feat. Zano (produced by Fantom)’ is a hallmark classic rap song. Its lyrics are inventive, ingenious and fast, they pack the rhythm and the punch, the instrumental provides the stage and it needs nothing more. It's done well, and it's done right. When you hear music this pure it matters not what genre it comes from, whether you’re into the genre or not, when music is done right, it's music; everyone can take something or make something from it. Zenodro has achieved this marvel in ‘Ven Aqui’.

The backing is a brilliant vibe. It's acoustic in places, using hand drum sounds and guitar plucks for a melody. The sub-bass is heavy and rich, but it doesn’t blow out the vocals at all. The lyrics wrap around one another, two vocalists, each with their own distinctive flow and style. It breaks up the song and adds boatloads of character. It's uptempo, full of attitude and classic beats, tones and breaks. Old dogs die hard, and classic rap isn’t dead yet.

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