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Who Ya Know

New Brunswick, United States

Credit - Ryan

This week we have been lucky enough to be introduced to New Brunswick, United States artist Zenodro. This latest release harnesses the best of hip-hop and rap to provide a classic style track at its core with nothing but shocks and surprises as it veers into realms we would never have anticipated. Utilising a minimal but effective soundscape this track attacks the senses, playing with your hearing to leave you in an almost trance state focusing entirely on this track's lyrics and conflicting sounds.

'Who ya know’ kicks off with a whistling sound, which becomes the continuous rhythm of the track and an earworm by the end of its play, followed by a squeaking sound which very quickly becomes the main basis of the beat. Such an intelligent introduction of sounds as the high pitch of this conflicts so dramatically with the heavy and low bass. All of this is complemented by a gorgeous clap adding a little extra sprinkling of flavour.

Although effective, this is pretty much the total sum of the backing track, but don't let the limited sounds fool you, it definitely gains and maintains your attention and interest, while leaving a level of intensity, leading you to focus heavily on the vocal ability of Zenodro. With vocals smoother than room temperature butter on warm toast and a flow stronger than the current that tumbles from the Niagra falls, we enter into a battle of wills with this artist. One of self-control, as it doesn’t take us long to be holding out for every single syllable that is uttered. The combination of vocal ability, a lyrical style reminiscent of a modernised Kid Cudi, circa 2010, and the simple yet intelligent beat production this sits as one of the best tracks I have had the pleasure of listening to in a while

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