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Welcome to the latest issue of TJPL News Magazine, where we dive deep into the heart of the music industry, showcasing the freshest sounds and the stories behind them. This issue is packed with exclusive features, insightful interviews, and curated playlists to keep your ears buzzing.


In this issue, our cover artist Mini Haye shares the highs and lows of his journey in the music industry, offering an intimate look into his artistic path and the experiences that have shaped his career.


Karmacov teams up with Teejartist & Outz to take UK Garage to unprecedented heights with their electrifying release, "The UKSC Link Up." This track is not just music; it's a movement, redefining UKG with its innovative beats and compelling collaboration.


Reggae artist Tende Kasha confronts deceit head-on in his soul-stirring new single, "Mr Liar." With powerful lyrics and emotive melodies, this track is set to resonate deeply with listeners, adding a poignant chapter to the reggae genre.


Hip-hop aficionados, rejoice! Vinnie-Dangerous’s latest album, "Dream 'Til It's Over," is a masterclass in lyrical prowess and dynamic beats. This album is a testament to his unique style and artistic vision.


For the gear enthusiasts, discover the DSM & Humboldt Simplifier X, a dual preamp and cab sim pedal that offers unparalleled control and versatility, making it a must-have for serious musicians.


Dive into the deep house grooves of Alex Zelenka and Robert Owens with their track "Make Me Move." Infused with Chicago soul, this anthem is a perfect blend of modern beats and classic house vibes.


Shoegaze enthusiasts will be thrilled with Mountains of Jura’s sophomore album, which elevates the genre with its ethereal soundscapes and innovative compositions.



TJPL News Magazine ISSUE 18 (PRINT)

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