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MC and Producer - Caspar Grant talks Birmingham's Music Scene.

Tamara Jenna

May 10, 2022

Tamara Jenna caught up with Caspar Grant earlier today in an exclusive feature for his upcoming release 'Capricornucopia'. During our interview I decided to find out his views on Birmingham's music scene.

Brummy to Brummy it feels like there's a lot to be done to shine a light on the artists in the city what are your thoughts on that?

I really couldn’t agree more. I’m a little out of the loop these days, but as far as I can see from my experiences of being involved in music there, the city’s musical legacy and the talent it continues to produce, there is something really special and unique about what comes from Birmingham. think that it’s history of being a free town and a place that does it’s own thing is highly linked to all of this.

You’ve had foundational artists from all sorts of genres and artists who’ve pushed the envelope across the board, and yet it still gets such fewer props than somewhere like Manchester or Bristol (or obviously London). I really don’t know why, it’s like the music press forgot about all the big names that came out of there historically and put a ceiling on the number of allotted artists that could break . That being said it’s felt like at times there’s a dearth of opportunities within the city to do things like perform and that paired with things like the way it’s weirdly fractured by poor transport links etc means it’s not always great at shining a light on itself maybe. Don’t get me wrong, there are many super dedicated people doing everything they can to facilitate and nurture Brummy talent and I have so much love and respect for that.

That being said it does feel like Birmingham has more of a presence in music these days, especially if we’re talking about UK rap and grime and drill. Seeing people like Millionz get a huge rep nationally and bring that Brummy cadence to such a big audience and them love it is just amazing. It’s weird how for a long time the Brummy accent had this slight pariah status and for the general public to finally realise how cool and musical it sounds is all types of special.


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