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10 Up-and-Coming Indie Artists You Need to Know

Indie music is a vibrant landscape, brimming with innovative artists pushing the boundaries of genres and sounds. Here are ten rising stars in the indie scene that you need to keep on your radar. Each of these artists brings a unique flair to their music, making them essential listens for any indie music enthusiast.

10 Up-and-Coming Indie Artists You Need to Know
10 Up-and-Coming Indie Artists You Need to Know

1. Cam Blair

Genre: Hip-Hop

Mood: Cinematic, Classic, Relaxing, Soulful

Emerging from Queens, NY, Cam Blair combines classic storytelling with contemporary hip-hop production. His latest single, "Place To Be," is a fresh take on the timeless theme of infatuation, recorded at Mixerhead Studios and produced by Jason Seigel. Blair's energetic performances and innovative sound make him a hip-hop artist to watch.


Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop, Pop-Punk

Mood: Hopeful, Romantic, Exciting, Anthemic

Los Angeles-based MYAH blends alternative rock and pop-punk, capturing the thrill of new love in her single "Always Want You." Drawing influences from bands like Foxing and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MYAH's music resonates with deep emotional themes and is perfect for fans of Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne.

3. Kijon

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, US Rap

Mood: Empowering, Bold, Confident

Tennessee's Kijon delivers a bold declaration of independence in his R&B single "Single Again," featuring Ukamea. Known for his dynamic presence, Kijon has opened for industry giants like Ginuwine and Jacquees. His latest track showcases his versatility and growth as an artist.

4. KDX

Genre: Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, Emo Rap

Mood: Anguished, Reflective, Intense

Galway's KDX fuses alternative rock with hip-hop in his single "U LIE," exploring themes of deception and emotional turmoil. His raw emotional expression and dynamic production make KDX a distinctive voice in the indie scene.

5. TJ Viola

Genre: Pop, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Soul

Mood: Euphoric, Nostalgic, Relaxing

New York's TJ Viola captivates with "Running," a jazz fusion-inspired pop track. His unique ability to blend varied musical influences into a cohesive sound, combined with his expert keyboard skills and vibrant live performances, make him a significant presence in the music scene.

6. Am Élie

Genre: Electronic Pop, Commercial Pop, Dance, Vocal Dance/EDM

Mood: Euphoric, Energizing, Captivating, Innovative

Sydney-based Am Élie blends orchestral EDM with electro-pop in her single "Pareidolia," part of her 'Synesthesia' series. Recognized as a top 10 upcoming Australian artist, her eclectic style and polished production are pushing the boundaries of pop and dance music.

7. TheProfessR

Genre: House, Vocal Dance/EDM, Electronic Pop

Mood: Euphoric, Energizing, Global

London's TheProfessR melds Reggaeton, AfroBeats, and House in his single "MINISTRY." Known for his eclectic blend of global sounds, TheProfessR creates vibrant tracks that electrify dance floors worldwide.

8. Dax

Genre: Country, Indie Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap

Mood: Reflective, Powerful, Nostalgic, Emotive

Canadian artist Dax tackles alcohol addiction in his "Dear Alcohol (Mega Remix)," featuring twelve diverse voices from a Tik-Tok challenge. This collaborative project is a testament to the power of community and the healing nature of music.

9. Love Ghost

Genres: Alternative Rock, R&B, Emo Rap

Mood: Reflective, Cross-cultural, Emotive

Los Angeles-based Love Ghost fuses Latin R&B with emo influences in their powerful new single 'GOD DAMN', featuring Mexican artist ND KOBI. Produced by Shantra, this track is a vibrant blend of genres exploring themes of mental paralysis and self-awareness. Following their successful European tour, Love Ghost continues to evolve, incorporating diverse influences into their sound. Fans of Juice Wrld and the emo rap genre will find this release particularly resonant.

10. BIT3R

Genres: Indie Pop, Yacht Rock, Soft Rock

Mood: Nostalgic, Uplifting, Reflective

Detroit’s BIT3R, led by Cameron Navetta, offers a refreshing mix of yacht rock and indie pop in 'Desperate Measures'. With influences ranging from Steely Dan to Sufjan Stevens, Navetta’s latest single features a unique melodica solo and uplifting lyrics. 'Desperate Measures' is a testament to Navetta’s two-decade journey as a songwriter and producer, infused with personal experiences and a compelling narrative.


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