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Winnipeg, Canada

Credit - Vince Soldevilla, Clarize Ariza, Reis Davis, Mikey J

Alec Carlos AKA "AC Breeze" has been using his stage name for the last decade whilst making music but the time has now come for him to part ways with his alias to focus on his band 'OpenTAB'. AC Breeze released his final song entitled 'monotone' last Friday.

Taking influence from the likes of Childish Gambino, Isaiah Rashad, Dijon, Savage Garden, Linkin Park, J. Cole, and Joji sees a true fusion of musical finesse embedded within the roots of AC Breeze's artistry.

So, what does 'monotone' entail? The track brings a soft rock/pop vibe to the ears of its listeners through dream pop guitar riffs and distant vocals throughout the introduction. As the song comes into full force in its first verse listeners are introduced to an emo rock vibe that meets emo rap/alternative R&B/pop. There is an absolutely brilliant rap verse arrangement within the second half of the track that grasps the full attention of its audience.

When talking about his release AC Breeze stated that "it feels like a bittersweet swan song. A representation of the stale feeling that I've had the past couple of years regarding the "AC Breeze" project. Lyrically, the song talks about the comfortability that comes with being okay with living in mediocrity. The conformity to pessimism, despite knowing that what was once there is no longer, the main character chooses to be trapped. Goodbyes exist to make the next hello that much better."

There are so many things within this song that make it so brilliant and there's something for everyone here! So, let hitting the button below and give it a spin!


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