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Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs - 10/06/2022



Daulton Hopkins - Mona Lisa

Phoenix, United States

'Mona Lisa' is a STUNNING TRACK! Daulton Hopkins and Victoria Bigelow have created something more beautiful than Mona Lisa herself. The simple yet emotional instrumentation weaves itself with the vocals to create something reverbed and full. The variety of vocal types in this track work well together to tell a story of Mona Lisa whoever she may be in this piece of art. There are so many intricacies in this track that effortlessly combine to make it something simple yet packed with skill. Beautiful vocals, gorgeous words and a gallery worthy performance here! Click the link below to explore this beauty.



Del Scott Miller - Repeat Myself

Barnsley, United Kingdom

Del Scott Miller is an alt. folk songwriter, guitarist, composer, and poet from South Yorkshire. ‘Repeat Myself’ is the first of an ongoing series of single releases planned between now and 2023. When I first heard ‘Repeat Myself’ I was in awe of the guitar skills/sound and the way that the artist knows how to tell a story that keeps the listeners interested. The clarity and tone of the guitar particularly stand out in the piece. I think that Del Scott Miller has created a unique sound and knows exactly who is he and what he is trying to portray through this piece. Definitely, one to watch!



Louis Cross - Picture Frame

Stockport, United Kingdom

Credit - Sophia J Carey

Louis Cross captured my attention immediately with his soulful and beyond his years tone. The lyrics in this piece are so heartfelt and meaningful. Adderssing themes of Alzheimers and how it affects families. Lyrics such as "where did the time go?" really hit the nail on the head where this illness is concerned. Taking the perspective of the diagnosed, this song speaks of past times whilst wondering where their life has gone through a 'Picture Frame'. I can imagine that this song will hit a lot of people's wounds and give them something that they can relate to.



The Mars McClanes - The Worriers

Portland, United States

Credit - Brian Corley

All I have to say about the opening of this track is YES! Bass guitar takes the limelight immediately offering something different when compared to the typical progression of many tracks of a similar genre. I think that the little pocket openings that give a home to the alternative guitar pieces really add something special to this piece. There are all sorts of guitar sounds found here and I am 100% here for it. 10/10 for Guitar Riffs hands down. Get familiar with The Mars McClanes by clicking the link below, you won't regret it!



Billy Summer - The Test

St Petersburg, United States

Credit - Shawn Kyle

Coming up next is Billy Summer with 'The Test'. This track is the first single from Summer's upcoming EP entitled 'Emergency Breakthrough'. The Test opens immediately in high spirit leaving no room for a build-up. Packed with indie rock drum progressions, guitar strums, intricate guitar solos, and electronic dream synths we hear a jolly Summer Anthem that is FUN. Remember that? I did after hearing this track. So, make sure that you check it out and show some love to this mix of indie rock, pop-rock, and dream pop kaleidoscope of enjoyment.



Karen Harding - Not About Angels

Eltham, Australia

Karen Harding is no stranger to TJPL NEWS. Having reviewed her first acoustic cover release, ‘Brave’, in April 2022 Melbourne, Australia-based singer-songwriter, Karen Harding has sent over her second cover single and sixth overall single release, ‘Not About Angels'. One thing I must say is that this piece is raw. It offers realness, and reliability and is a version that should be remembered. I think that as a track that was completely self-recorded, mixed and produced by the artist herself, this was a great attempt to bring originality to a song that has already been done.



The Aftercare - Sunday Comes Around

London, United States

'Sunday Comes Around' is the second second single from London based band 'The Aftercare'. This track is very interesting. The song begins with a dream pop way with a sad reverbed guitar loop but this very drastically changes into something very much rooted in indie rock.

The band has been played on tour live across London at several locations and It will be showcased atthe O2 academy in London in September. I can see exactly why! Their vibe is similar to Legends 'The Arctic Monkeys' so if that's your vibe then hit that little button below.



Robbie Rapids - Who Shot Them Down

Atlanta, GA, United States

Robbie Rapids swept us away with his release entitled 'Who shot them down'. This track tells a murder mystery that happened in 1964 in Gwinnett County Georgia based off Tony Tiffin’s “Arc Road”. The song was written and performed by Robbie Rapids and David Levene. The track sweeps you away instantly with its catchy guitar riffs. The delay effect on certain words fills the space nicely to offer something catchy and unavoidable. The way that the guitar instrumentation work together is impeccable and so, this is a track that is not only catchy in words but also in production. Superb.



Ross Curry - Deadended

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ross Curry is a household name in the Dutch Indie Rock. Hailing from Liverpool, he was exposed to British '60's and '70's rhythm 'n blues in his early childhood. His track ' Deadended' opens with no need for introduction thanks to its heavy clear guitar riff. There is a classic rock tone to this artist's voice that has a way of engaging the listener with ease. The guitar solos in this track are on point and come in at all the right places. They don't get lost in the mix, they know their place and allow the listener to hear something new in between the familiar strums and drum progressions. If you want to hear some awesome guitar riffs then make sure that you click the link below.



Shyli Madhala - Rainbows & Sunshine

rehovot, Israel

Rainbows & Sunshine is the ultimate swing/Jazz track that offers an acoustic feel to the upbeat. The lyrics are clear in the mix and the instrumentation works well. One thing that I picked up on in this track is that the artist allowed certain unpolished aspects into the production such as breaths. I think this really helped our decision to include this track this week. It's a happy-go-lucky song with a message and a sense of reality thrown in. This piece is a great effort from Shyli Madhala. Click the link below to get familiar!



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