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Some People

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Luis Nogueira

Agon’s musical choices are heavily influenced by his cinematic studies which ‘Some People’ clearly shows. There is an interesting craft of rich vocals and orchestral melodies which provide soothing qualities for the listener.

‘Some People’ concerns the necessity to reflect and discover parts of ourselves we may glimpse over due to societal pressure. Agon reminds us of the peace within vulnerability and fragility and redefines these traits as the roots of growth and prosperity. Such a deep and powerful message and the execution followed this too. There was a subtle touch of soft piano chords in the backing track, perfectly supporting and shining a light on Agon’s crisp and distinctive vocals.

The vocal element is certainly at the forefront of the track, and its sweet and powerful tones portray pleasant orchestral elements. I felt this cleverly reflected on the individual and self-reflecting elements by ensuring the focus was on the meaning behind the lyrics. - AIMEE STOKES

The end bridge section incorporated beats and slight tension in the synth, meaning that Agon effectively touched upon quite rich and relaxing sounds yet was able to evoke a sense of drama and urgency, reminding the listener to reflect on their own mental health and life choices.


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