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#AJFARLEY shows exactly how chemistry works in #YNG




Lawrenceville, United States


Credit - TEN Studios





#YNG is the latest album by United States based artist #AJFarley. This 11 track album ranges in influence from Funk, R&B, Soul and Rap to create something full of feelings. The opening song #LOVEDON'TCOSTATHING instantly reminded me of the J Lo track of the same name. This is however, has no resemblance what so ever. This piece brings the collaboration of ,AJ Farley, Chris Rene, Chris Stevenson and Jordyn River to create an R&B/Soul track with rap verses - This is true masterpiece. The feeling is so prominent in the piece. This track is a stunning opening one and a work of art in its own right. #Don'tChange has that classic 90s/early 00s hip-hop soulful vibe - The vocals remind me of John Legend and the production has a feel of Pleasure P about it. AJ Farley, Elan and Victoria Dawn have created something special here. #NIGHTS steps back into the lyrical politics and rap flow of hip-hop. The rap content and the soulful vocals fuse together to create something extraordinarily gorgeous. The guitar loops are an added bonus too! AJ Farley and JP Caruzzo are the perfect collaboration for all of you Old-School Hip-Hop lovers out there. #USEDTO is a song that is packed with catchy lyrics wrapped in a sultry neo-soul package. The instrumentation is simple yet effective. As the track develops more layers are introduced including a trap drum loop and synths to lift the track's mood in time for the rap verses. #YouSong provides the listener with an expert of a conversation before bringing in the lyrical content in a message that makes you take notice and really listen to the words of the piece. #WHY does not hold back - we're driven straight into soulful vocals and 808s - There is no escaping the feeling in this song. The slow percussion, heavy 808 and tone of the vocals are something to be proud of! #YNG brings a collectic of highly skilled contributions from AJ Farley, Desnae, JP Caruzzo and The Rugrats - DAMN this is such a great piece! Faultless, Flawless, Fusion, Freaky, Fun. #HOME is another gorgeous collaboration from AJ Farley, Chris Stevenson, Jordyn River and Whenyber. The lyrics discuss soul searching for a way back home and pushing people away in the most soulful of ways. The harmonies here are out of this world. The way that this track builds upon its foundations is truly inspirational. #LOVER well well well where do I start with this one?! Funky and Soulful, this piece begins with funky slap bass riffs that entice you from the first beat - the vocals enhance the feel of the slap bass - the key synths and hip-hop drum loops offer minature independent appearances before weaving the bass back into the track. I absolutely love this track! #Aubrey'sSong is a short but sweet 30 second interval that comprises of a child singing acapella to the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - this is a nice, personal touch and tribute. Closing the album is #I'mGood. This song has a productive feel of Drake about it but with a more soulful execution. I've got to say, there is not a single track on this album that doesn't stand out as special. The collaborations here are second to none. The artist has done an incredible job.



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