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LAURA WAMBA Debuts with Sensual Single "French Kiss"

Paris-based singer Laura Wamba releases her debut single "French Kiss", blending electro and acoustic elements with a touch of R&B and Urban Pop.


Laura Wamba, a captivating new voice in the music scene, releases her debut single "French Kiss". Inspired by Varnish la Piscine and the enchanting voice of Jorja Smith, this track explores the universal theme of unfulfilled crushes with a playful and groovy vibe.

About Laura Wamba

Born in Brittany to a French mother and a Congolese father, Laura Wamba was immersed in music from a young age. She trained in jazz at conservatories but found her true calling in R&B and Gospel. At 18, she moved to Paris, drawn by the city's cultural vibrancy and artistic opportunities. Laura's music style is influenced by artists like Varnish La Piscine, Jorja Smith, Luidji, LYNN, Makala, and Kaytranada.

Since 2021, Laura has been part of the Jazz-Funk group Who Parked The Car, gaining stage experience with over 50 concerts and studio experience with two albums and one EP. Her performances in Parisian jam sessions have further honed her stage presence and artistic skills.

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About "French Kiss"

"French Kiss" is a fresh and sensual track that delves into the playful games of seduction and the hesitations that often accompany unfulfilled crushes. The song combines electro and acoustic elements, featuring the surprising and successful inclusion of the trombone, played by Jessica Simon. Thomas Salvatore, Laura's partner in Who Parked The Car, produced the track, creating a rich and original soundscape.

Recording and Production

The single was written by Laura Wamba, composed by Laura Wamba and Thomas Salvatore, and features:

  • Laura Wamba: Vocals

  • Thomas Salvatore: Keyboards, Programming, Production

  • Jessica Simon: Trombone

  • César Aouillé: Guitar

  • Rémi Chabanel: Bass

  • Recorded and mixed by Thomas Salvatore

  • Mastered by Simon Lancelot

The music video, directed by Kilyann Guillaume, captures the vibrant energy of Parisian streets, the warmth of the people, and the shared love for music between Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Upcoming Releases

Laura Wamba plans to release a 5-track EP at the end of the year, further exploring her unique blend of R&B, Urban Pop, and soulful melodies.


"French Kiss" is a perfect introduction to Laura Wamba's musical universe, blending groovy rhythms, fresh melodies, and sensual vibes. This debut single is set to captivate fans of R&B and Urban Pop and build anticipation for her upcoming EP.



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