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NY, United States


#ARROWSANTI is the first full-length album from New York-based artist 'THE CA$H TAPE'. This 12-track project is a whirlwind of short rap/emo rap tracks that will maintain your attention in its entirety. Taking influence from XXXTENTACION, Juice Wrld, and the likes of Playboi Carti, this album is one for lovers of the darker side of rap! So, let's get into this album then! Opening the project is a piece called 'Intro: $Peedin'. This piece amazed me!! Opening with an inspirational speech before introducing emo rap and heavy dark 808s and synths this track entices listeners immediately into the world of the artist. 'Tree$H Ho' opens with a sinister laugh and a distorted opening before reintroducing the classic heavy 808s that were found in the introduction. Several samples are present in this track from the sinister laughs to the revving of a car engine. The beat is basic but packs a punch. 'Guapane$E' reminds me of the instrumental of 'No Limit' by G-Eazy among other rap artists. 'Mo$H Pit' offers something new to the project whilst maintaining the energy of the previous tracks. This piece is angry, you can hear the pain and anger in the lyrics and vocals - it reminds me of some of the angrier rap elements found in the works of Dax. 'Bahama$' continues to showcase the anger and pain of the artist through the intense rap flows present. The aggression in the vocal tone really entices listeners. 'Bag$' tones things down a little bit - the rap vocals are sung and more loosely articulated, the beat highly experimental moving between techno and hip-hop in a dreamy synth-filled production. 'Nu Money' is a slick piece! The instrumental incorporates video game sounds with trap loops and heavy 808s to create a completely different vibe from the first half of the project. The vocals remind me of the late Juice Wrld. 'Ma$I Truck' continues to change the tone of the album through the use of dreamy lo-fi production elements. This is a track that you can get lost in late at night when needing something of depth before slowing down. I'm 100% here for the trap soul feel here. 'Paper' takes the listener back to the vibe of 'Guapane$E' with heavy 808s, trap loops, and subtle synth samples. The lyrics here are easy to grasp and are rememberable! 'Get Clo$E' is an absolute vibe - if you like melodic dark rap then this instrumental will suit you! The lyrical skill and rap flow showcase something different from this artist! The penultimate track '$Krt' has a super catchy melody to it but that is not all! The instrumental and the rap flow make several switches that work wonders on the ears of the listener to keep us interested and intrigued by the superstar! The project ends with a bang! '$Peechless' throws everything into the mix, here we can hear the fight of #ARROWSANTI without the dominance of heavy lyrical content for the first half of the piece. As the track meets the midway mark, we hear another side to the lyrical genius of #ARROWSANTI. This is an artist that has serious moves to make in the rap scene! Make sure that you give this a spin!!



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