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Brand New

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Carolinn Franklin

BoBo is an upcoming Pop artist who has blessed us with his new EP 'Brand New' and it is absolutely amazing! Upon my first listen I was utterly speechless with an overwhelming excitement of how breathtaking these six tracks are. A musical masterpiece with cool and catchy melodies, funky beats, and an 80's Pop vibe with electronic sounds, all coming together for this wonderful creation. His vocals are surprisingly stunning with a distinctive vocal sound that I promise you will fall in love with. I adore every single track on this EP and I was attempting to sing along before I even knew the words, it really is that catchy and addictive you will be repeating this EP over and over again until you can sing it word for word, just like I did. 'Brand New' is the first track and it will totally blow you away with its exquisite Pop essence. The Pop beats create a funky fierce and flirtatious vibe this making you instantly want to dance! The lyrics are adoring and absolutely heart-throbbing with a voice that is beautifully rare. Singing with soft and dreamy vocals that are rather fanciful thus creating a loving feeling, as well as surprising us with extremely impressive high notes that honestly made me squeal with excitement and say "Oh my god! This is amazing!" Slowing it down ever so smoothly for the second track 'Bloodline' with which I pick up an air of Ariana Grande here. This is not because Ariana also has a song called 'Bloodline' but due to the similar tempo and fabulous beats that are both rhythm driven. It seems BoBo has honoured his inspirations with his unique style that is very quirky. This includes bold and brilliant beats and a delightfully charming aura you can't help but bop along to. The vocals are soft and whispery with a rhythmic rap that bounces with the beats. 'H.B.I.P' is the third track that flows effortlessly into a passionate love song with a very sensual melodic intro that sets up the basis of the song. I admire that the chorus punchline is the acronym for the song title that gives you a sense of intrigue to listen out for what those letters mean, this engrossing you in the lyrics. The melodic rhythm is bass driven creating a seriously sexy yet sophisticated sway. 'Double King' starts with a bold, dirty, and impactful beat thus catching your attention immediately! A dual-layered vocal is used with a low register alongside his natural vocals giving the song an extra edge that emphasizes the lyrics that are super cool and catchy. This is a tune and really reminds me of the Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald who also uses dark and bold beats. 'As A Friend' is hand on my heart incredibly sweet and thoughtful. This song is so descriptive it creates a picture that shares a heartfelt story about a broken down relationship while still treasuring the lost friendship, I believe many people can relate to this. The vocals are sweet and soft as the rhythmic beat creates a euphoric atmosphere that you can float away with. The finale song 'Better Now' is the perfect ending to the EP as it is short and sweet leaving us wanting more! The lyrics I feel are deep, and personal that connect to us listeners on an intimate level as if this song were a letter to a loved one. The Pop sound is incredibly smooth with funky beats and fun breakdowns that cut out instantly ending the song. This is an empowering song, an anthem for the broken. I truly love this EP, the only thing I want now is more songs! BoBo has created a heart-throbbing musical creation as he introduces his own unique sound with elements of Pop inspiration. I hear a big influence from Ariana Grande throughout this EP with similar funky beats and soft angelic vocal techniques, as well as hearing a little Post Malone and Tom MacDonald vibes. These six songs are full of emotion, passion, and creativity, I felt every song flow through me, touching my heart and making me want to sing along and dance. I need an album, asap!



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