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Bad Art

New Orleans, United States

Crystal Box is a musical artist based in New Orleans inspired by stripped-down club sounds, experimental R&B, and Hyper-Pop. His unique sound is created by wide reverbs, electronic beats, ecstatic synth swells, and distorted vocals. His brand new debut album 'Bad Art' is a collection of inner thoughts and emotions that relate to "childhood insecurities, fear of intimacy and gender confusion" this is an expression of anxiety while working towards recovery as well as being an art piece that exceeds one's limitations. I truly admire the creative song titles, using symbols to form images that are representing the title words, this awesome and something I rarely see and I think it is unique and incredibly artistic. '/\ (mountain)' starts the album off with a cool and smooth introduction with the use of mellow dramatic beats and heavenly vocals that fade off nicely, a wash of synth crashes in to empathise the ending of the track. The lyrics are incredibly descriptive thus allowing us to picture the song's story in one's mind's eye. 'real life // real time' follows as the second track featuring Romantic Thriller, this beautiful tune is undeniably mind-opening and soul-soothing, with relaxed beats and sombre tones. This album is a total chill-out vibe and the best example of this is the third song '.b.u.d.', this track has a laid back yet bouncy beat with distorted vocals that you will absorb as you're winding down, relaxing. 'high >> speeds' starts light and soft with a beautiful melody as the beats bop sweet and softly in the back allowing the vocals at the forefront as the lyrics tell a story. '--- (beam)' starts beautifully with a piano that eases us in slowly to a space universe. This track holds synth Pop sensibilities this I believe enforcing an alien space laser sound which I think is truly creative with the musical resources making this a rather starry tune. 'bleev.' is short and sweet but has an incredibly exciting start with a distortion of vocals creating an atmospheric aura as your shoulders and hips follow the funky beat.'||Control||' continues that funky beat whilst using synth sounds exciting our music senses. I adore the vocals throughout this track, they are gorgeous, breathy, and angelic. This is a beautiful melodic song you can float away with. The penultimate track '__(new floor)' is an incredibly smooth yet dramatic tune. The beats are brilliantly bold with a deep bassline that creates a big impact as the vocals sweeten the track with a soft and gentle essence. The track 'Mmuu' ends the album with mindful music magic! This tune is a collection of sounds arranged like a polyrhythm rounding out the album with an eccentric style. 'Bad Art' is creative, cool, and calming! It truly is a relaxing and inspiring listen, it creates a soul-searching feel as you vibe along with an album that gives you so much; smooth and soulful sways, bouncy shoulder bops, and funky beats. This is an album for all music lovers.



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