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San Francisco, United States

Credit - Fernando Maldonado

Jay Doce is a 23-year-old artist from San Francisco, California. His latest EP is called "51HOME", a title that was taken from the 510 area code in East Bay where the artist feels that the integral parts of his identity stem from. Taking influence from a multitude of cultures and ways of life is something that helped the creation of his artistic direction. Using these influences has seen Jay Doce portray the sound of the area with a modern twist.

The EP contains 6 tracks that total just over 16 minutes of pure hip-hop, rap and trap beats that are guaranteed to impress the ears of listeners.

Opening with a piece entitled "Ego" gives listeners an insight into who Jay Doce is and his artistic vision. This unapologetic track hits listeners' with a dominant 808 bassline and eerie string synths that rest somewhere between the vocals and the trap percussion loops. The mix of this piece has been crafted to perfection, offering listeners a clear opening to the project.

"Ridin'" is a song that is packed with attitude and oozes self-confidence. The lyrics talk of riding through the city, feeling untouchable. Ridin' has a long medieval melodic string synth that offers support to the lyrics that are to follow - making reference to King Louis.

"Seeing Double" lifts the whole feel of the EP in the way that it has been produced. There's a dreamy feel to the production through the use of bell synths and R&B samples thrown in. Through "Seeing Double" listeners are given a different side to Jay Doce, one that is more melodic and soft when compared to the previous tracks on the project.

"Grey Goose" catches listeners' attention straight away through the use of high-pitched vocal chops that remain on the loop throughout the majority of the track. There's a nice little bubble melody that breaks up the heaviness of the piece between the high energy. If you need something to listen to that takes you out of your current reality and into a state of grandiose then "Grey Goose" is the dose that you're looking for.

The penultimate track on the album named "Pacifist" marks the only collaborative project on the EP where Lil Buu makes an appearance to lift the roof. The piece is full of high energy and you will not be disappointed! The track acts as what 51HOME describes as a warning to stay on the good side. The bell synth opening is something that will stick in your mind for a long time after hearing it for the first time. This super catchy track will be one that you will return to for sure!

"OMENTOWN" marks the final chapter of this story. One that talks of 51HOME's upbringing. This haunting track is my favourite of all on this project. The melodic synth chops, the heavy 808s, the deep lyrics. This is a true reflective piece that will have you thinking, overthinking and overthinking what you're overthinking. Just my cup of tea.

51HOME is a project that is full of skill, I see no reason why Jay Doce can't take the world by storm.


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