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Chadds Ford, United States

#KIDKARELLO is a rap artist fresh from Chadds Ford, United States who impressed me this week with his debut project #FreeWilled. The 9-track project takes the story of a boy/man from a small town with little to no music scene and blasts it out to the world for all to hear.

Taking influence from the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Wifisfuneral, NF in the project opens a land of mixed genres and pure expression.

Through #FreeWilled, #KIDKARELLO and his producer have created a song for all sorts of moods. From the grittiness of drill to the emotion of guitars, this project showcases versatility in masses. When talking about the creative process behind the project #KIDKARELLO made the following statement: "I recorded 2 songs for this EP in Miami, FL at House of Hits, and the other 7 songs were recorded at New Wave Music in Newcastle,DE."

So, let's get into this project then!

Opening the project is a piece entitled "the interview (Skit)". This is pretty much what it says on the tin. The piece discusses the journey of the artist before going into the main body of the project. This allows a brief but intense insight into the determination and vision of this artist. "bodies over bodies" is a whole cinematic experience! Heavy 808s, horns, bubbly synths and edgy basslines allow for the strength of #KIDKARELLO's lyrical genius to stand tall! "d.o.t.b" features "Room-41-More" who brings a real emo rap vocal feel to the piece. I love it! The 808s dance at the forefront of this track whilst trap drum loops scatter throughout the backings of the piece. This is real cool piece where both artists compliment each other's crafts in a way that allows both of them to shine. "dear god" edges towards a G - Eazy style production from the eerie dark pop elements to the heavy 808s and pace of the rap flows."dear god" describes #KIDKARELLO' crying out to God to keep

him focused on his craft and to keep his image consistent and authentic, despite the plethora of fake artists and haters that stand in his way. I love the robotic slightly demonic vocal effect that makes an appearance towards the end of the piece. I really love this piece! "still awake freestyle" is one of the hardest freestyles that I've been sent this month. This is a super lyrically attractive piece for sure! "real talk" is a real in your feels piece. The sounds are lo fi but the rap flows don't humble themselves! It remains clear that the emotion in the lyrical and vocal style of #KIDKARELLO is the one thing that he will never underestimate in his pieces. "midnight dreams" features Luke Norris. The first thing that captures the audience is the sad emotion coming from the guitar strums. I love music like this and if you're in the mood for some emo rap then this is your go to track! Autotuned vocals, sad guitar loops, 808s and kicks full of bass and a whole load of sadness offer a vulnerable side to #KIDKARELLO. The penultimate track "on the regular" offers the last collaboration on this project. Working alongside "Room-41-More" once more #KIDKARELLO introduces another side to his artistry, this time through dreamy twee like samples and those classic 808s. I love what's been done on this production, it's super unique! So much dreaminess is within this piece and yet again these two artists have complimented the sound of the other. Pop, Trap, Hip-Hop, Twee and Emo Rap all in one piece?! Genius. Concluding with "long time coming" hears #KIDKARELLO tell what he describes as"a regressing story about my origins in creating music, and it is my personal favorite on the project." and WOW. How many musical influences come into play here? Calypso? Emo Rap? Hip-Hop? Old School R&B? Trap Soul? Pop? This is an artist you really need to get familiar with! The button is just below!



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