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Denver United States

Credit - Homefield Productions, Sam Densford

Royce Dezorzi has released his latest album ‘Denver’ holding 14 songs that you will adore. This album is a soothing journey of instrumental acoustic guitar in the form of Folk/Americana with a fingerpicking style. This album is truly blissful with a delicate tone that creates a purely musical expression that connects to its listeners and leaves the story own to interpretation, allowing us to put our own lives to the melody given to us.

‘One for John’ is the beginning of an ever so charming album, with a lightly strummed acoustic guitar that is a truly beautiful melody with a soft beat that gets your toes tapping along. The following track ‘Vision of Chloe’ has an upbeat expression that will get you bopping along while relaxing to the beautiful tune. Thirdly ‘Iron Shackle’ is definitely full of Folkstyle, you could hear this in a Country film like ‘Crazy Heart’, the melody is delightful with sweet and sharp-sounding chords that give the song a light-hearted tone. ‘Maybe Tomorrow Will Change Your Mind’ has a mellow guitar riff creating quite a subdued tone, making you wonder about the story behind the chords. This tune is soft, subtle, sweet, and soul searching.‘My Eyes Won’t Stop Crying’ follows with a soft guitar riff that’s simply sweet and effective and lets us reflect on the song title. This soft melody is comforting to our emotions with a passionate yet powerful instrumental. ‘Angel’ starts with a dramatic tone that is extremely subdued, deep, and slow truly connecting to one's heart with a comforting sound. The guitar riff gradually builds up to a charming beat that creates a light bop along as the song ends on a lighter note. ‘Denver’ is short and sweet but carries an upbeat vibe with a jolly toe-tapping tune, this is one you can have a little boogie to as the guitar riff creates a groove with a mix of chords making this a fun and free-feeling tune. ‘She’s Walking Away’ has so much passion and personality throughout its entirety. This tune is soft and melodic with so much emotion to share, the guitar riff is divine and ever so sweet with a sombre tone. Continuing to ‘I’ve Got To Let Her Go’ which has a sad yet pleasing guitar riff thus allowing you to float away in its melodic embrace. ‘Ayelen’ has a light-hearted rhythm that sways through you as the guitar riff plays ever so lovely and elegantly. ‘Country Girl’ is pure perfection! This tune is seriously smooth just like a shot of your favourite Whiskey with an upbeat melody and a soulful vibe thus definitely taking you away from your troubles with a wonderful, uplighting Acoustic riff. ‘Buttercup’ starts ever so beautifully with bright and boldly strummed guitar riffs that create a happy and hopeful feel. ‘Always With You’ has an angelic essence to it that is truly gorgeous with a melodic tone that is endearing but laid back giving us a little nodding beat. ‘Reseda’ is the last track of the album and it is truly bewitching with a soft bounciness to the beat as the guitar lightly strums creating an irresistible charm to the finale tune.

From start to finish I thoroughly enjoy this listen, I found it incredibly relaxing and full of passion, love, and heartache that is expressed delicately.



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