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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Credit - Guy Longstreet

#SAUNSANTIPREECHA is a composer and sound artist from Thailand who is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His latest album entitled #Dandelye is a 6-track project that explores electronic soundscapes in attempt to provide listeners with a link between human experience, nature, and technology. The project gives listeners a mix of cinematic, ambient, and edgy sounds through the use of experimental electronic productions. #Dandelye begins with a track named #SeedsAcrossAnAshenSky. This piece has an intriguing opening. The eerieness of the occasional uneasiness of the acoustic keys mingles with the sounds of wildlife and the wind to create something highly anticipatory of where the piece will go. This piece develops quite quickly in the first few bars before taking a slower turn thereafter. This piece has a lot to say and gives listeners a lot to think about. #ConjoinedTime sounds sticky at the start, no, I mean that literally. The sound of water drops made me envision a dark sewer and as the bass notes make an appearance we hear something very dark indeed. When combined with the haunting higher pitched keys we hear the slow build-up of experimentalism here. This track is one that is DESTINED for a horror movie. The keys carry the track through in variation from the familiarity of simple melodic additions to the uneasy bass note and experimental choppiness. As the track develops further we hear the mix introduce several additional feedback sounds - this highlights the link between technology and nature that was intended as the narrative for this project. I think that the mixing techniques used are perfectly executed to create the perfect showcase for each element in their own right as they take turns to take the spotlight within the mix. #AmongBrokenSculptures has a hypnotic opening that is full of bell chimes and panned soundscapes. This track had me very intrigued indeed! I love the way that the volume slowly fills the space of the track, it works well to create a futuristic yet cinematic experience for the listener. This track highlights the artists' theme of technology by using sounds that are techno and experimental-based. At over 6 minutes in length, this piece will give you a lot to think about throughout as you anticipate the next developments within the piece. With this piece, I felt as though it took a while before introducing new elements but it added to the eeriness and intrigue. #RainDance is another atmospheric piece that combines the sounds of nature with technology. This is done by including the sounds of rainfall with the white noise distortion of electric currents along with an acoustic piano. One thing that I liked about this piece is the imagery that is created within my own mind - This is definitely a track that you need to hear. Brilliant. #Dandelye is another scary piece, one that has you looking over your shoulder (I didn't do it ). The combination of wind chimes, wind, and haunting futuristic cinematics makes for the perfect sci-fi movie soundtrack. One thing that I loved about this composition is that it got eerier and eerier as it developed. I didn't know what to expect! The project concludes with #WeedsAlongATunnel'sEdge, a composition packed with wind sounds, reverbed claps ,and footsteps - again we hear the sound of acoustic keys within the piece but this time with more melodic substance. I really enjoyed this piece. The skill that has gone into this project has been highly thought out to fit the narrative of the artist. If you're looking for a conceptual soundtrack then this is definitely one for you!


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