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Alicia Daydreams Presents her latest project 'MAZE'



Alicia Daydreams

London, United Kingdom




Alicia Daydreams, 16 years old composer/writer/performer/producer from London, UK. I was sent her latest track #Maze to review this week and I decided that I wanted to listen to her whole catalogue. Catch what I thought in the review below!





Alicia Daydreams is a unique artist for sure! Her track 'Maze' has a gorgeous feel to it. It's a track that is polished to perfection and I have absolutely no criticism or suggestions to give whatsoever here. The production elements all work amazingly together to create something radio and industry ready. I'm extremely impressed with this artist. At just 16 years old it's crazy to hear something so vocally mature and as industry ready as this. The vocals are mixed in a swirl of layered vocals and panned backings. The bassline in this track is what carries the piece without overbearing it. Definitely impressed by #Maze. #Genie takes us through a different set of productive elements through something that sounds sca based with a hint of rock that is sprinkled with the signature pop sounds of #AliciaDaydreams. These two tracks showcase what the artist has to over and I have no idea where this artist is headed next only that she is onto massive things if she keeps releasing music like this. #Genieremix is just that - a remix. This piece holds the same main body of vocals and instrumentation but with a bit more space to it through the increased reverb. This offers a darker feel to a track that although is full of ska and funky bass also holds the vocal elements of something based in Dark Pop. Both versions are great! 'Devil's Promise' is a track that really takes the dark alternative pop to another level. Opening with a haunting simple vocal we know this is going to be a track that develops into something powerful...and it does! This song mixes acoustic guitar elements with dark organs and basslines. The vocal layering and effects are very similar to Halsey and reminds me of 'Graveyard'. I think that this artist's tone is better than Halseys and that is a massive statement to make. You should get familiar with #AliciaDaydreams. I know she's going to blow!



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