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Allison's Invention Reimagines Holiday Classic with 'Time to Deck the Halls’

Allison Promo Shot
Allison Promo Shot
Allison's Invention Reimagines Holiday Classic with 'Time to Deck the Halls'

Allison's Invention is the artistic project of songwriter, composer, and producer Allison Tartalia. Bringing a fresh pop twist to the holiday season with "Time to Deck the Halls", Allison's cover of the traditional carol "Deck the Halls" is infused with a unique blend of swirling synths, electric guitars, and an irresistibly catchy new chorus.

Bringing listeners into 2023, this pop rendition of a classic holiday carol, is enhanced with modern instrumentation with an arrangement that includes a festive mix of electronic and orchestral elements, giving listeners an insight into her multi-instrumental and production skills.

So, what do we know about the artist so far? Recognized for her sultry voice and slightly aggressive songwriting, Tartalia has been acclaimed by the New York Times and The Deli Magazine. She has shared stages with artists like Petra Haden, Rachael Sage, and Fred Armisen, and produced music for songwriters including Sharon Goldman and Becca Gohn.

Allison’s Invention's discography includes singles like “Rise,” and “If Right Doesn’t Matter,” and the EP "Sweet and Vicious." She has composed for projects including "Get Happy," "5,000 Miles From Home," and original musicals like "1918: A House Divided" and "Birds on Fire." and her counterpart alias has earned a Telly Award and an Emmy nomination, with her compositions featured on networks like NBC, PBS, and Lifetime.

So, now you know a little about the artist you want to know what's so different about another Christmas Cover right? Let's go... A surprising mix of trap and hyperpop comes through straight away and merges into an electronic techno trance mission with a twist. Then before you know it, you'll find yourself plunged into synth rock, for a slightly heavier feel. As far as Christmas remixes go, this is by far the most genre-bending piece I've heard so far this year. It's fun, a little wacky and it comes with chimes of Christmas Spirit.

Allison Promo Shot
Allison Promo Shot

Arragemnet-wise, it's extremely clever, it mixes genre influences without making them sound out of place, it makes sense, it's bold and it deserves all the success that it will attract.

Concerning its commercial potential, I can envision this in Christmas movies and Television shows due to how perfectly everything has been arranged and composed. There's enough in of the good old classic version that we all know and love but it's also modern, making it extremely attractive to curators whether that's on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram or commercials. In simpler terms - it has strong potential to go viral this Christmas.

With "Time to Deck the Halls," Allison's Invention creativity shines with all the magic of the season, creating a vibrant and modern take on a holiday classic. It's brilliant.

To take an old classic and make it not only modern but also relevant to a new generation is difficult to do but Allison has managed to do this, and hats off, this is exactly what a modern take on a Christmas classic should entail.

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