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"Around" We Go: A Nostalgic Blend of 00s Hip-Hop and Afrobeat That'll Have You Hooked All Summer

Proklaim, Prokaim, Proklaim... how do I do this review the justice that this artist deserves? “Around” is a song with so many elements to it – you have the funk-infused guitar strum loops which add a layer of 00s Hip-Hop to it. Think Ashanti, Nelly ft Kelly Rowland era. Then the afrobeat comes in with a whole extra bop-worthy perfectly mixed beam of light. The song is a velvet carpet that rolls out red for a star. The hook is as catchy as they come with repetitive phrases making it one that you’ll find yourself singing voluntarily or involuntarily. It hits. It grabs. It bites then it kisses with its flawless slickness.

If you’re a fan of 00s Hip-Hop then there is no doubt that “Around” is a track for your playlists. Summer vibes all around, “Around” will go “Around” your head nearly as many times as it appears in this song, down through your ear canal and through your brain the whole upcoming season.



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