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Astralix's 'Still Raining': An EDM Phenomenon Igniting the Dance Scene!

Dive into the electrifying realm of 'Still Raining,' where Astralix, led by Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa, merges rock roots with EDM flair to create an unmissable dance anthem.

The world of EDM is a vibrant one. It is here that you will find the somewhat contradictory single 'Still Raining' by Astralix. It stands out as a sonic tour de force that's set to dominate dance floors and airwaves alike. Released on January 18, 2024, this dynamic track is the brainchild of the talented trio – Gary Dranow, Chris Zoupa, and producer Louie Dupont. Together, they've crafted an electrifying anthem that is innovative and it is irresistible.

'Still Raining' blends the raw energy of rock with the pulsating rhythms of EDM. The track's infectious melody, driven by the technical brilliance of Chris Zoupa and the production magic of Louie Dupont, creates a soundscape that's captivating, energising and pulsating with energy.

From the moment 'Still Raining' starts playing, it's becomes clear that testament to Astralix's unique fusion of musical styles and their unwavering commitment, they have yet again managed to push the boundaries of what dance music can be.

Gary Dranow's words encapsulate the ethos of the track: "Music is not just an art form for us; it's a journey through life's highs and lows. 'Still Raining' is our latest EDM offering from our Astralix project and The Rhythm Fills My Soul album. This song was crafted with the hope of resonating with everyone who finds interest in music and the stories and emotions it conveys."

So get ready to embrace the rain, to dance through the storm, and to be part of the phenomenon that is 'Still Raining.' With Astralix leading the charge, the world of EDM is about to be forever changed. This is the anthem of a movement, a celebration of life, music, and the unbreakable spirit of innovation. Join the dance, feel the rhythm, and let 'Still Raining' be your guide to an electrifying musical journey.

Genre: EDM, Vocal Dance/EDM, Electronic Pop

Mood: Energetic, Uplifting, Captivating, Dynamic

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