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NEW TECH - Introducing the Audio Technica AT2040 USB Microphone: Unmatched Sound Fidelity at £130!

Microphones are at the heart of music recording. Whether you’re in big studios or your own one at home, chances are you’ve got a mic or two pointed at you in one way or another. They can, however, get mighty expensive; first, there's the mic, some mics need an amp or preamp, and then you may need certain software or mixers for you to be able to get the most out of them. The mic itself is rarely packed with features, meaning getting started in the microphone world can be a pricey enterprise. The Audio Technica AT2040 USB Microphone aims to have everything you need, all packed in one place. It’s easy to use, quick to set up and requires nothing but a computer to plug it into and a stand to put it on.

AT2040 microphone showcasing its unique low-end cut-off feature.
Low-End Cut-Off: Tailor Your Sound with the AT2040!

The AT2040 USB is a new mic that has so much to offer in the way of usability and features. You can plug headphones straight into the mic itself to have a direct mic monitoring solution, which you can then blend into computer passthrough, right on the mic! There is also a low-end cut-off feature that allows you to change the mics pickup range to suit your needs. Want more emphasis on the mids and highs? Whack off the low end! Need some bassy tones to get you going? Then keep it on full blast.

The mic is built well, comes from a reputable brand, and sounds fantastic for the money. As with all mics, it’s a preference game at the end of the day and there may be mics you like the sound of more for the money. But at £130 for a hypercardioid mic that hits this level of sound fidelity whilst being plug and play? There’s very little else that matches that kind of power.

Andertons stock this mic at £129.00 with Gear4Music hitting £135.00. At either price, this is a great mic for those starting out and looking for ease of use and bang for the buck above all else.


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