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August Rayne Brings Futuristic Funk to R&B With Single 'He Gon' Learn (Leave Me Be)'

Standing out in the crowded and competitive R&B market is a feat in itself, and August Rayne manages to do so with flair. Her new single "He Gon' Learn (Leave Me Be)" is an excellent showcase of her unique style, labeled as Futuristic Funk. The track, composed by Renaldo Stewart of the Talented10th, presents a groove-laden foundation upon which Rayne's powerful vocal delivery shines.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of old school sounds such as Funk, Disco, Gospel, and Soul, the single masterfully fuses these with more modern and futuristic elements. The result is a refreshing and captivating sonic experience.

The song, akin to a modern day version of Destiny's Child's hit song "Bug-A-Boo", explores the complexities of dating and the struggle of letting someone down when feelings change. The recurring question, "Why won’t you leave me be?" resonates with many who've experienced similar situations.

Further marking her place in the industry, August Rayne has won two consecutive Glacier FM awards for Best R&B Song, and has been nominated for two Southern Entertainment Awards. Looking ahead, she is set to perform live at the 20th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards Ceremony on May 28th in Nashville, Tennessee. As a testament to her growing recognition and exciting trajectory, these accolades and opportunities reflect the unique and engaging talent that is August Rayne.

Fans and newcomers to her music alike will appreciate the honesty, relatability, and innovation present in "He Gon' Learn (Leave Me Be)". Its clever fusion of classic and contemporary, coupled with the compelling theme, sets August Rayne apart as an artist to watch in the R&B realm.



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