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Aurora Scott Unveils Empowering Anthem 'Phoenix'

Aurora_Scott_Portrait: "Portrait of Aurora Scott, the powerful voice behind 'Phoenix.
The Seasoned Songbird Offers a Spirited Testimony of Overcoming Struggles with Her Upcoming Single

Aurora Scott, known for her magnetic stage presence and sultry vocals, is set to release her newest single, "Phoenix," soon. The song serves as a testimony to taking control of one's life, overcoming adversity, and, quite simply, kicking ass.

The Inspiration Behind the Song:

The lyrics of "Phoenix" capture Aurora Scott's own journey of self-discovery and resilience. With lines like "Cause I am a phoenix, Comin' out of the ashes," the song is designed to uplift and inspire listeners through its clear language, pure vocals, and skillful composition.

Collaborations and Production:

Written and arranged by Aurora Scott in collaboration with Jamie Robinson, who also contributed backing vocals and music, the song was produced by Jamie Robinson and mastered by Dave Gunning. The artwork for the single was designed by Aurora Scott herself, adding another layer of personal touch to this project.

A Nod to Past Successes:

Aurora has a rich musical history that includes leading the Queens Room Orchestra on Cunard's luxury cruise ship, The Queen Victoria, and working as the resident jazz singer at the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong. Her upcoming single and album are highly anticipated, given her track record and the sheer amount of talent she brings to the table.

Future Plans:

Aurora Scott is not just stopping at "Phoenix." She's currently working towards creating and recording a full-length album of original music scheduled for release in 2024. She performs regularly with accompanist, Peter Davison on guitar and collaborates with celebrated Halifax producer Jamie Robinson.

Aurora's song "Phoenix" promises to be a moving, soul-stirring experience that taps into the innate human desire to overcome and triumph. Look for it on all major streaming platforms soon and stay tuned for updates on her future musical projects.


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