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Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore based Dorian is an artist who has been on our radar throughout 2022 and now into 2023. Bringing a sound that embedds the best of Pop, Rap and R&B, Dorian has continued to build upon the foundations that hold his artistry.

Coming off the heels of the critically acclaimed album “Dream World Pt. 2: The Arrival”; an era that has amassed over 500,000 digital streams across streaming services globally, Dorian transforms himself yet again with his latest project entitled ‘33’.

Dorian boasts that while the standard version of his ‘EP’ is only 3 tracks, (simultaneously

releasing a 7-track deluxe version with A Cappellas and other surprises) it is filled with diversity, soul, fun, and passion.

Hi Dorian, it's great to have you with us today. I've had a listen to your latest EP '33' and as you already know, I LOVED it. Glad to be able to delve deeper into the process behind it!

Q: Why the name 33?

A: Well firstly hello, and thank you so much for even giving my project a listen. I really appreciate it! “33” speaks to the age I’ve turned this year. And in this point of my life, I felt there were certain subject matters I personally needed to address and put into my music and songwriting. All of my music is a testament to where I personally am at the time; and this phase of my life felt like the perfect time to drop an EP like “33”.

Q: If you had to describe your artistry in one sentence what would you say?

A: My artistry is authentic, soulful, passionate, filled with love, inspired and inspiring, and made with purpose.

Q: When creating '33' was there a specific concept that you wanted to write about or did you produce it track by track without a spec as such?

A: With this project in particular I did have somewhat of a concept in mind before placing songs for it. I love numbers and so with “33”, I only wanted to do 3 songs. I wanted each song to be different sonically; but also tell a story cohesively. Being that I had released my album “The Arrival” at the top of 2022; I wanted to close this year out with a follow up in a sense to that project. It’s short in length; but it is so filled with depth, soul, and color!

I did some coproducing with beats and things with this EP as well. I always want to try something new, learn, and grow. I also pushed myself more vocally.

Q: Do Ya, Blast Off & Notice Me are songs that stand out the most, what inspired the writing process?

A: My personal story and life journey are what inspire me to write the lyrics and songs that I do. With tackling different subject matters in each song, I wanted to ensure each song sounded very different than the next.

Going from Dance, to R&B, and then to Pop felt like a cohesive and perfect mix of genres and vibes —& sonically, it really spoke to just how I felt overall as an artist and creative at this point in my life.

Q: I love that there are more than one version of each song on the project, it's rarely something that is done but I definitely resonated with the way that the project had been done. Why did you choose to do it that way?

A: Thank you! I miss the days of growing up in the 90s, going to the record store and buying the singles and albums of your favorite artists. So many of my favorite singles and songs from artists had “A Cappella” versions or remixes of their biggest songs. I wanted to do something like that! & I’d love to get my songs remixed! Lol

Q: If you went back in time and told yourself one key thing that you wish you knew at the start of your music career, what would it be?

A: Things have its own perfect and special timing. Trust the process and enjoy the journey — live in the moment!

Q: Finishing a song is something that many artists struggle with. How do you know when your projects are finished?

A: For me, I make each project its own story telling of a chapter in my life. Once I feel like I’ve said what needed to be said in that chapter, I know I can work on mastering and getting the story ready to tell.

Q: 2023 - what's the vision looking like for you?

A: Bigger, brighter, more confident, more purposeful and more rewarding. In 3 years, I have worked and created 5 projects! As I put my energy and focus into performing, and full on content creation, I see things really “Blasting Off” for me. :) I really want to continue to push to new heights as I continue to tell my story.


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