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Cologne, Germany




#MOONANDARIES are a duo who live on two sides of the planet. the new EP #PARADISE consists of 5 of their fresh new songs which they describe as synth-pop opera. Heavily influenced by electronic synths and ethereal vocals, they have created a unique sound for sure! I decided to get #MOONANDARIES in for a TJPL NEWS interview *BACKSTAGE PASS* style. Their ambient sound makes them the perfect soundtrack for your chill playlists and even radio! So, hit play below, and let's go see what they're up to backstage...





It's great to have you, thanks for joining us. So, the first thing that I want to ask you is - Moon And Aries - How did you choose the name? Were there any debates or did you both resonate with it instantly?

Hi, this is Jordana Moon here with you today, thanks for having me (us).

So it's kind of a cool representation of us, our name being Moon and Aries. As Tom and I were workshopping a bunch of names, Tom had written on his list "Moon in Aries." Because! I'm born in July, so my Sun's cancer which is ruled by the Moon. Tom is an Aries. But! Tom's Moon sign is in Cancer and my Moon sign is in Aries. I hope this is making sense haha

So as I'm reading out loud, Moon in Aries…Moon in Aries … I began to say Moon AND Aries. Instantly I knew this needed to be our name. It's truly a 50/50 collaboration for our name, just like our music. Came together organically.

How long have you both been doing music individually? and how did you meet?

Both Tom and I have been living the music life for a very long time. Starting in music lessons in early childhood, to being on stage as a young adults. I don't think there's been a time Tom and I weren't doing and pursuing music. So when we spotted each other on Instagram, there was an instant reflection. Both of us only posted original music, even if it was a 30 second idea. There was instant respect and admiration. So we became friends and found a lot of common ground. When we worked on our first single, Never Ending Escape, we knew there was something special in our musical connection that we hadn't ever experienced before. And we decided to keep going and capitalize off this level of serendipity.

How long did it take you from the initial idea to the release of 'PARADISE'?

The concept of Paradise came in the winter! Right before Christmas, I believe. Tom has sent me the composition to Take Me Home, and I was so swept away. We knew we wanted to make an EP with 4 or 5 songs, so we talked about how even tho winter is a beautiful Wonderland, we always desire a warm Paradise. Because we believe Paradise is our true reality, the one hidden behind this illusion, the cold and lonely illusion of this 3d matrix we call home. We started to explore all aspects of the concept and perspectives of what Paradise means. It was about 4/ 5 months from its inception to the release.

Am I correct in thinking that you've never met face to face? One of you being in Germany and the other in Canada, how do you maintain the momentum of creating a track with a 9 hour time distance?

Tom and I are just the type of people that show up. Even if there is 9 hrs, or 8 for small

increments of time, we commit to each other and our music, because we both believe in each other's talents and purpose. We see the value in what we do together, and we enjoy it and need it like we need air and water. So we continue. Tom and I have a strong friendship and musical bond that goes beyond the limits of our perceived reality. We will eventually, soon, meet in person and perform live and make a albums in the same studio one day.

You define your music as "Synth Pop Opera." How did you create this concept?

We actually had a reviewer say our one song, Toxic City, that we released back in October,

reminded him of the rock operas from the 80s, but synth. So Tom and I were like YES ! This is

our sound: Synth Pop Opera. We strive for our music to feel like larger than life, anthemic theme songs. Each song encapsulates a big story. Tom creates a huge orchestral infusion of past and future soundscapes, and my background is in screenwriting/ sketch comedy. I like to tell a story in the songs, with a slightly different twist in the plot line, than what you typically hear on the radio nowadays. Both Tom and I are very inspired by the big storytelling in the 70s and 80s, when one song could theme a whole cultural movement.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far as a duo?

There's been a lot of mini, yet very thrilling achievements. From decent numbers on Spotify, to being on a lot of radio rotations. Beyond that, I think what makes Tom and I feel the most

successful, is when people feel good listening to us. When someone comments that they feel more relaxed, healed and uplifted, that is a huge achievement for us, because this is our main goal. Obviously, we've got a lot of dreams and aspirations to achieve yet, but we are pretty satisfied how the journey has shaped so far. We are grateful for each other and to create the songs we've always wanted to hear.

What's next on the horizon for Moon And Aries?

What's next? A lot more music. And with more music, we have the potential of meeting the right people and situations to help expand our career. With each release, we explore new

opportunities and contacts to fuel our musical mission. Live performances are at the top of our list. Thank you so much for having us today and supporting Moon and Aries

It was absolutely my pleasure!



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