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Be Inspired by Louis Miller's Cinematic 'Destruction': A Dark and Gritty Trap Masterpiece

There’s something about dark and gritty trap beats that switch me from calm and collected into focussed and determined. The beats linger in my ears to inspire me into greatness. Call it an affirmation.

Queens, New York based rapper Louis Miller comes in strong with his release ‘Destruction’. The beat is not only dark but it’s also cinematic, almost like an extraction of Gotham City, the track experiences cacophonous intrigue.

A calm vocal performance contradicts the melody making this a truly special artistry. Anything that makes you think should be appreciated. This, had me thinking.

Not only has the artist created compelling lyrics and a masterful vocal delivery, bit he has also produced the entirety of the project himself.

This is quite something, the start of a new era perhaps?

10/10 recommend this for fans of dark trap beats and conscious rap lovers.



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