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Berlin based Luc Spada brings daring and authentic sound in his latest single 'Komm Mir Nicht Blöde

Credit - Camille McOuat

Komm Mir Nicht Blöde" translated as "Don't be stupid with me" in English provides the title to the latest release from Berlin based spoken word, rap artist Luc Spada. Marking the second single from his upcoming album of the same name, this artist has brought something daring and authentic through his sound to date.

Upon a blanket of smooth beginnings, listeners are taken through a telephone call with smooth and soulful Instrumentation. Suddenly an audience is taken into a land of experimentalism that provides a backdrop of traditional boom bap and deck scratches along with layers of techno and twee electronic influences.

This is a unique piece for sure with Luc Spada firming his wave of experimental hip-hop to listeners across borders. If you want something that is completely different and underrepresented in music then look no further than the artist that is Luc Spada.



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