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BIG $TUNNA Strikes Back with "TicToc": The Ultimate Dance Rap Anthem

Cover Art for "TicToc": The cover art for BIG $TUNNA's "TicToc"
Cover Art for "TicToc": The cover art for BIG $TUNNA's "TicToc"

Atlanta's own BIG $TUNNA, in collaboration with Nikki Natural, sets the stage ablaze with "TicToc," a powerhouse twerk anthem produced by DJ Pain1.

After a decade-long pause, BIG $TUNNA, formerly known as C Stunna of Guerrilla Grind Entertainment "GGE," is back with a bang. His latest single "TicToc," featuring the dynamic Nikki Natural from Love & Hip Hop, is set to redefine the dance and twerk anthem genre. Released on New Year's Eve, this track is ready to take 2024 by storm, ensuring that the year starts with an unforgettable rhythm.

The collaboration between BIG $TUNNA and Nikki Natural is nothing short of explosive. With DJ Pain1 at the production helm, "TicToc" seamlessly combines elements of hip-hop, dance, and pop, creating a sound that's not just heard but felt. The track's infectious energy and irresistible beats are primed to captivate audiences worldwide, promising to be a staple in club playlists and party rotations.

BIG $TUNNA's return signifies more than just a comeback; it's a reinvigoration of the hip-hop scene. His synergy with Nikki Natural on "TicToc" showcases a perfect blend of talent, charisma, and stage presence, setting the bar high for future collaborations.

As "TicToc" resonates through speakers and headphones alike, listeners are invited to join BIG $TUNNA and Nikki Natural in celebrating life, rhythm, and the unstoppable force of music. So get ready to move, groove, and lose yourself in the mesmerizing beats of "TicToc" – the track that's set to make time stand still as the world dances to its tune.

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