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Binoy's 'BoysBoysBoys' — A Dance Pop Anthem Celebrating Queer Desire and Diverse Beats

Step into the kaleidoscopic world of Binoy's 'BoysBoysBoys', where dancehall meets bhangra in a bold celebration of queer expression and electrifying rhythms.

Cover Art: Binoy's 'BoysBoysBoys'
Cover Art: Binoy's 'BoysBoysBoys'

In Binoy’s “BoysBoysBoys” the world becomes a kaleidoscope of culture, color, and unabashed vivacity. This is a song that truly breaks barriers with every stomp of a dance. In fact, it goes further than that, it dances on them whilst blending its infectious dancehall rhythms and beats of bhangra. What a fusion! To add to it, the pulsating energy of electronic pop morphs "BoysBoysBoys" into a single that is not only free but liberating to all who listen to it!

From the first hook, the vocals are hypnotic and distorted. Binoy can't help but draw you into a new soundscape. The “wubs” and drops have the hallmarks of dubstep but are artfully tailored to hold the weight of a message about queer desire, visibility, and the complex mash of emotions tied to the freedom of self-expression.

“BoysBoysBoys” acts as a sonic deep dive into the exhilaration of wanting and being wanted, the highs of nightlife, and the underlying insecurities that haunt the day. In other words, life in general. The sitar's subtle strings are a proud nod to Binoy’s heritage, a reminder that the heart of the track is as much about where we come from as where we are going. It works within the piece, it just works so damn well!

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The music video offers a vibrant tableau featuring queer actors and dancers of colour, bringing an extension of the song’s narrative. It’s a celebration but it's also a statement too. "BoysBoysBoys" throws a spotlight on the Queer community that’s both resilient and radiant, is something marked by the joys and the struggles that are unique to queer people of color.

“BoysBoysBoys” stands as a monument to modern love and the evolving landscape of queer hookup culture, set against the backdrop of a world that is learning to embrace the beauty of diversity. The track is a toast to the night, to the dance floor, and to the freedom found in the bass-heavy beat that promises to keep feet moving and hearts yearning.

Binoy has released a hit here but has also painted a mural of his truth—a dance-pop anthem that salutes his origins while inviting us all to join in the celebration of who we are.

Genre: Dance Pop, World Music, Electronic

Mood: Euphoric, Inclusive, Vibrant, Empowering, Heartfelt

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