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BLOODLIN3 - Execution Day (feat. Bizzy Bone & AC Killer) - SINGLE REVIEW


Execution Day (feat. Bizzy Bone & AC Killer)

El Paso, TX./Paducah, KY., United States

We have to share today an amazing trio bringing nothing but insane flows. This epic three-piece deriving from El Paso, TX. & Paducah, KY have brought rap to a whole new level. - JASMINE

But let's start off with the backing track. This is a smooth and simple offering with some gorgeous violin-style sounds playing around a beautiful clap-style beat, this brings the trap feel to the track. This is accompanied in various segments throughout by some intensity-building keys. The use of synths here is done so subtly and complements the sound fx, such as smashing glass, that is applied at times adding the gritty feel to the backing.

Then we hit the rap and WOW. Each person clearly has their own style, flow, rhythm and tempo but somehow this works without being too overloaded, which does happen sometimes with too many variations.

The first up provides us with a clear flow that is almost MGK-like in clarity but more akin to Eminem in tempo and Method man in style. This is an amazing mix that I would never have considered putting together! This is quickly passed over to a deeper, less clear but more aggy flow, this one is full of emotion. Then comes the third offering, which is more rhythmic and almost comparable to singing. This is a much smoother RnB style vocal flow, which comes across in a much more storytelling fashion.

These three distinct styles continue throughout the track bouncing off one another almost like a battle is taking place. This is a super unique method of delivery that I have never experienced before and certainly was a shock to the senses.


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