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BLOODLIN3 - Please Don't Bother Me


Please Don't Bother Me

El Paso, TX./Paducah, KY, United States

Hip-hop is a genre that can flip its mood like a table. When it happens it's a tremendous show of force, throwing myriad sounds against the wall and shattering expectations on the hardcore floor. Bloodlin3 just got done flipping the table with their latest single, ‘Please Don’t Bother Me.’ It's a rap track at its core, using hip-hop vibes to tie the whole thing together. But it's not aggressive and fuelled by angst as a lot of hip-hop can be. Here the mood is chill, it's dark, it's gritty, noire. The lyrics are smooth, switching from fast to slow to catch up with the rhythm. It's a stylish song full of piano, deep bass and fantastic vocal performances. If you’re looking for new rap, you’ve found it.

‘Please Don’t Bother Me’ is a product of Bloodlin3 and LaRoyce “Rausko” Flemons. Together they have forged a sound that plays with the classic but comes out wholly unique, covered from head to toe in musical creativity. Devilishly clever.



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